Do I have to socialize my dog

This is from a recent reply I wrote, to a question in regards to socializing an above average nervous dog. The story of Fred, Stella and Rocky. ( ) Fred has away with words.

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Outstanding answer on the fourth question.” Ease into a comfort zone.”

Saw the video. That’s the best thing in the world. When one of these guys, can temporarily leave their emotional baggage behind, and play like a dog.

Sounds like your doing everything right.

You must also understand, that even if you are doing everything correct. A minuet percentage of these dogs are born with such a high degree of nervousness. That unless you have the opportunity to socialize Rocky with a couple dozen dogs, on a daily basis. He may never truly become comfortable, with non-pack members.

It’s like individuals that are not comfortable in large gatherings of people, or at parties. They just sit off to the side and only interact, when others initiate the conversation. The difference is, were not going to freak out, and think the other person is going to attack us.

On occasion, we’ll get a dog here at the sanctuary, that although they will become playful with a hand full of guys. Won’t become totally comfortable, with other dogs in the pack, for a long time.
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When we are attempting to socialize nervous dogs, we have to do so at their pace. Not, what we think their pace should be.

As for Rocky.
As long as the Rock man, is happy with Stella and comfortable in your home. Don’t put to much emphasis on socializing him with other dogs. Theres nothing carved in stone, that says we have to do that.

Well Fred : I hope this has been of some help to you., Any more questions, feel free.

The Spirit Dog
( AL )

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