Help your dog lose weight , dog diets

If your dog has a little to much fun fat on him, or your friends are starting to mistake your dog for a walrus. It’s time to help him lose some weight.

This is not all that difficult to accomplish.

Your goal is for your dog to lose, half a pound or pound a week. I was going to go into this big thing, about knowing how much you feed him. How the feeding instructions on the back of dog food bags, are really just general feeding guide lines. But, none of that stuff matters.

If your reading this, your concerned about your dogs weight and his health. This is what you do, if your dog is moderately overweight. Every other day, feed him half his normal amount. It’s that easy, the only possible setback would be if you feed him extra treats, because you started feeling sorry for him.

How about exercise? Exercise would help out tremendously, along with the diet. But if your not exercising him now, odds are your not gonna start. I know you mean to do it, but a lot of us never get around to doing the things we mean to do.

Now if your dog is, fat or fat fat. This is going to be much more difficult on you, than it is on him. You will have to give him half feeds, two or three days in a row. Followed by one full feed day. And continue with the half feed, full feed until you see the desired results.

If you need more detailed diet info, contact me. Also, like the back of the dog food bags. These are general guidelines. To be able to give a specific diet plan for your dog, I would need additional information.

We sometimes fail at our own diets, because we tend to cheat here and there. And we may thing a diet doesn’t work, because we didn’t lose that 5, 10 or 15 pounds, in three or four weeks. That’s why we change diet plans so often, we don’t like waiting for things. We want results immediately.



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Diet Drugs for your dog. There are diet drugs being sold for dogs. I look at things very simply, If you do not absolutely need a drug. Do not use any. Especially since the doggy diet drugs, may have side effects of diarrhea, unusually tired, vomiting, and not eating. I think you can get the same effect, by hitting your dog in the head with a hammer. So what’s it gonna be ? Drugs, the hammer or a reduced feed.

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