Dog Behavior Myth; #6 : by,

dog myth. Eating grass is bad for your dog, or he’s eating it because he’s sick.

The Myth ; A dog that likes to graze on grass must be sick.

The Truth ; Grass is an important part of their diet.

The Why ; Dogs, although primarily carnivores, will routinely eat different type’s of grasses, which is essentially herbage for grazing animals. And yes, dogs will eat grass when they have an upset stomach. But the majority of time they eat it, is just because they want or need it.

If your dog wants to eat grass let him, it’s healthy for him. Obviously, if you have your lawn treated with pesticides or fertilizers, don’t let your dog eat the grass.

When we where on Long Island, we grew bamboo. So our dogs could have grazing stuff through out the winter months. Now we use our second or third cuttings of hay, for winter graze.

The Spirit Dog


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