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Buying puppy’s online, buying dogs online.

There are about a gazillion dog breeders online. And if you read their copy, they all will tell you about their vast experience, and how they only breed the best dogs.

Some breeders online, will actually be decent. While most are going to be pieces of sh*t.

But, you are not going to be able to judge them by looking at their website, our talking to them on the phone.

A simple rule to follow is, if you can not physically visit the breeder, DO NOT buy a puppy, from them.

For some reason, we love, ” The grass is always greener theory”.

When you are ready to get a new puppy, there will be plenty of breeders within a short driving distance of your home. There all over the place, puppies sell like hotcakes.

When you visit a breeder, be very nosy. Shitty breeders are pretty slick. They will have a beautifully set up, meet and greet area. You want to be able to look in their garage, basement, anyplace where they can house breeding dogs. Do they have any larger sheds on their property. You have to be a detective. Check everywhere.

If they truly are decent dog breeders, they should have no problem relieving your fears. And showing you every place you want to see.

This is a little more tricky. Some of the less scrupulous dog breeders, will have their breeding facilities some where else. They will show the puppies to potential buyers, at a nice place.

Ask to see their whelping room, they should have heat pads, or lamps. Different type’s of medicines, extra blankets or towels. Lots of newspapers or puppy pads. Tell them you want to see this stuff, again the good breeder should be more than happy to show this to you. Because they take pride in their puppies.

You may think, how can they afford to do this ? It’s all in the numbers. One breeding pair of dogs, bred twice a year, will give them on average twenty puppies to sell. Average sale price, $500. to $1,500 per puppy.

That’s $10,000.oo at $500. apiece. Or $30,000.oo at $1,500.oo apiece.

Now multiply that amount, by 5, 10 or 20 breeding pairs. You can see, that there is some serious cash to be made by breeding dogs.

Good luck in you puppy quest.

The Spirit Dog


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