There are good dog breeders

There are a lot of good dog breeders out there. The point I often try to make, and rest assured I’m going to keep on saying it. Until everybody is sick and tired, of hearing it. Then and only then, will I know every bodies got it.

I think you know, what my big beef is !! The idea that if you buy a certain breed of dog, your not going to have any behavioral issues. All dogs have issues, just like we all have issues. And it’s our job to work through those issues.

Remember, every breed of dog. Has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of animal rescues. Dedicated to that breed of dog alone. I think that’s pretty proof positive, that, there all gonna give us some problems sooner or later. Otherwise, why would every breed of dog, need all those rescues.

I Have dedicated my life to dogs, and to studying canine behavior. It’s my hope, that as enough time passes. More and more dog lovers, novices and professionals, with a little help from me. Will come to the conclusion, that the currently taught behavior principles in regards to inherited canine behaviors, are wrong.

And that is our primary reason for failure, when attempting to help out clients with their dogs. It’s not from a lack of trying or caring, on our part. How can we teach effectively, if we were taught wrong.

The Spirit Dog


2 Responses

  1. Most definately true. I have had two male Great Pyrenees. The first one 13 years and the second one 6+ years and I am always surprised by how different the personality and mannerisms and behavior is of the second one from the way the first one was.

    It’s like saying that because children were born into the same family they will all act alike. Not so.

  2. Well put and I think it is clearly niaive of people to think that certain breeds will not have behavioral issues. Keep writing!


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