Dog Breeders, Money Back Guarantee

All Dog breeders, guarantee their puppies. Plain and simply, it’s just good for business. We love the word “guarantee”. If we are not 100% happy with our purchase, we can return the merchandise for a full refund.

Ah yes, return the merchandise. Just one little problem with returning a puppy. We fell in love with the him, and have become very attached. So, there’s no way were gonna return him.

The dog breeders know this.

They also know, if you do return the puppy that you are going to worry about, him. And you should. You can be assured, the breeder of that puppy is not going to spend one dime, on veterinary care for him. What they most likely will do is, try and resell the puppy, ( might as well try and get a couple bucks out of it ). And if they can’t resell the puppy, relatively quickly, they won’t spend the money to euthanize the puppy. They chose an alternative means.

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The Spirit Dog


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  1. I never trust any kind of guarantee unless it is legally binding.

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