Dog Breeder in trouble, again. New York

I would like to thank, Linda. One of The Spirit Dog, readers from Manhattan. Who brought this story to my attention.

It’s a story about one of the many, less than caring dog breeders in America. That want to make a quick buck.

If anybody else out there, knows of breeders like this. Email me the info, with a link to the story if you have it. If I receive enough of them, I’ll make a bad breeder page, on this site. So nobody else gets ripped off.

$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$

The article can be found in The Daily News. One of the large New York City Newspapers.

Article Link;

Written by BRENDAN BROSH ; Daily News Writer

The Spirit Dog

Additional Resources

Alleged Bad Doberman Pincher breeder in western, NY

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Buying puppy’s online, buying dogs online.


3 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say hello as we have spent several hours online reading your site. We were working on a research project for school and your site has helped us find the information that we needed. How do you spend the necessary time to answer all these questions for all the people?

  2. Hi Andrew

    Wish you all the best with your daughter. And I’m sorry to hear about the breeder. After some research, that breeder doesn’t look to good. In the future, if you can’t physically visit the breeder. do not buy site unseen, I think you already learned that.

    To find out what people are saying about individual breeders, type in the breeders name in your browser, not the URL , their name. Example type in ” JKK euro dobermans”, there should pop up a bunch of links. Some will be theirs, others will be people not happy with them. Read through the list.

    What dog is right for you. First you must understand, that there is no such thing, as an even tempered breed. It’s really up to us, how the dog turns out.

    Having said that, how old is your daughter ? How is she physically ? All dogs are great, but if we don’t have sufficient experience with dogs. I would try to stay away from the larger breeds.

    If you would like some recommendations, on smaller breeds. Reply to this or email me.

    Good Luck, Andrew


  3. I have been one of the unfortunate individuals to be duped by a slick web site and a good talking breeder. I ‘purchased’ a puppy from a breeder in Buffalo, NY (JKK Euro Dobermans) and paid a premium price for the puppy. Of course the puppy has never been delivered and my many attempts to recontact the breeder have been ignored. I feel particularly abused since I discussed the special needs of my daughter who had malignant brain cancer and the need for an intelligent, even tempered dog. The breeder let me know that several of her dogs had been trained as therapy dogs. It was too good to be true, and yes it was. This breeder and her web site and her biblical pandering should be put out of business.

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