Puppys Mutt or Purebred ?

I want to talk a minute or two, about the, “The well breed dog”.

This is yet, another example of inaccurate information. That has been taught to us for such a long period of time, that it’s now, firmly ingrained in or social conscience.

For lack of a more reader friendly term, I’m going to call it, Propaganda ! ” If your going to buy a puppy, make sure you purchase him, from a reputable breeder”. This sounds pretty logical, doesn’t it ? The only problem is regardless of whether or not the puppy is ‘well breed’, ‘medium breed’ or ‘otherwise breed’, it is impossible to control genetics.

Science has been cloning animals, for a while now. What they have found out is, although they may succeed at making a identical carbon copy of an animal, appearance wise. The personalities are different.

Here are two more examples, that should convince a significant number of you reading this, that if you want an expensive puppy, fine, but don’t think there not going to have behavior issues or health problems. Regardless of who the parents are, the offspring can and most likely will be, vastly different. In personality, not necessarily looks.

( 1 ) ; For all you parents out there, with two or more children. Are their personalities identical ? They should be, if we believe the common breeding logic of good stock. Or how about your siblings? They should have the same exact personality as you. Do they ?

( 2 ) Yearling sales, for thoroughbred horses. I remember watching a T.V. program, eight or ten years ago. While watching the bidding price’s for some of these horses, reach some staggering amounts of money. They interviewed one of the all time great thoroughbred horse trainers, who was there evaluating yearling’s for his clients. They asked him, ” By spending enormous sums of money, does that guarantee you a winning horse”. His response was both, honest and refreshing, he said, ” I tell all my clients, the same thing. It’s really a crap shoot, on whether or not you will get a good horse”.

The point of this is.

If you want to buy a puppy from a breeder, that’s fine. But do not think, for one minute. That because you purchased your puppy, from a “reputable” breeder. You are going to have the perfect animal, or a dog that never gives you any problems, behaviorally or health wise.

It’s our job, to teach right from wrong. Whats acceptable behavior or not. Regardless if it’s our children or our dog. Knowing acceptable behaviors, is a learned behavior, not an inherited behavior. Of either species.

The Spirit Dog

© 2008 a.s.papszycki


10 Responses

  1. Hello Nicole, check this out and if you have more questions get back to me.



  2. Hey, also I was wondering if I can give my dog just any meat, should I give her raw meat, can I give her any cut, where do you get meat for your dogs and what kind? Can I feed her any kind of bird, or will she choke on the bones? I was going to ask a butcher for the “unsellables” but will that be a good enough diet for my dog? Should I just give her human grade raw meat?

    Thank you once again for your time,

    ~ Nicole

  3. You’re welcome Nicole,

    At present there aren’t any behavior books I can recommend, but there are many, many books I haven’t seen yet.

  4. Thank you spiritdog, I’m looking into getting 8 ft tall chain link fence that extends under ground 2 feet, and I’m going to study correcting dog behavior problems. Are there any good dog behavior books you know of?

    Thank you again,
    ~ Nicole

  5. Hi Nicole,

    50 acres is nice, but not with regular horse fence. The Horse, Fox, Wolf and Dog thing, if you think about it, you kind of answered your own question. It depends on the behavior and personality of the animals your trying to put together. As far as protecting your horses, maybe, maybe not, again it will depend on the personality of the wolf. But even though your dog really is a wolf, a wolf wolf, would never be as good as a dog at protection. A barking dog will usually scare off other predators.

  6. Thank you! I will get a wolf someday but for now I will take your advice and try to learn more about working through behavior problems. But one more question? Would they do well loose on 50 fenced acres with horses, I know some horses will kill foxes but will they treat wolves like normal dogs? Also will the wolves protect horses?

    Thank you,

    ~ Nicole

  7. Hello Nicole,

    The only tip I can offer you is, you better now how to handle every potential behavior problem a dog can present. As far as fencing goes it’s always better safe than sorry. That means in addition to underground fencing, it should be a minimum of eight feet tall, not six. There are plenty of athletic dogs that can easily climb a six foot fence. Additionally depended on what state you live in you will need special permits and show a just cause for ownership.

    I’m sure there is a ton of wolf breeders out there and there’s no mistaking a wolf puppy, just like there’s no mistaking a German Shepherd, Akita, or Malamute puppy.

    As far as breeders training their puppies, forget about it. Any dog as soon as they are weaned, they are sold. So no breeder has enough time to teach anything.

  8. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you have any tips on buying a wolf. I want A wolf but I have never owned one before, I have been trying to find tips for owning them, but I gave up the idea because they were saying pet wolves will turn on the owners at any time… and are fearful of new people. I recently started researching again and I came across you site saying all dogs/wolves are the same, and they have to be domesticated by humans, and that kinda made me hopeful for getting a wolf in the future.
    So what are your thoughts on getting a wolf for the first time?

    How should one prepare?

    Would I need 6ft fencing that extends under ground and wire like the “experts” say?
    Also I’m sure there are a ton of “wolf breeders” out there that are really just selling dogs that look like wolves, how do I know they are really selling wolves?

    Also how do I know they are getting proper training from the breeder, what if the breeder uses traditional thought and training methods?

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Nahal,

    Have you had a German shepherd before ?

  10. i want to buy a poppy of german shepherd do you help me?

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