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Dogs and Windows ; dog safety

Most of us, have heard stories about a dog jumping through a closed window. This can potentially be, very dangerous and / or, life threatening for our dog.

The approximate percentage of dogs, that will jump through a window is, 5%.

Where going to discuss, why they do this. The reason is simple, they wanted to go out. Whether their motivation was, to find you, to chase a squirrel, cat, or dog, they saw. Doesn’t really matter.

A dog doesn’t actually know what a window is. They have no clue, that there is an invisible force field in front of them. That is the primary reason, why they will initially jump through one. All they see, is a big opening in your wall, that they think they can get through.

It’s the same with people. We’ve all seen somebody, walk or run into, a closed sliding glass door. That’s why homes with little kids, put stickers all over the glass. The difference is, we learn to try and be more careful. A dog learns, that this is an easy way to get out.

So if you’re dog, does this once, and doesn’t get hurt. You can expect him to do it, many more times. If this is the case, please install window guards. For your dogs safety, and your sanity.

The Spirit Dog


4 Responses

  1. I want to train my dog not to jump on the window because every time I go out he wants to follow me and at a certain point he becomes wild. I want to avoid him from getting hurt because my dog is so active and he doesn’t care as long as something triggers him.

  2. Hi Monica

    Yea, some dogs really freak out in thunderstorms. Some will try to hide in any place they think is safe, often knocking over a lot of things. And others will try to escape by any means possible.

    With your guy did he ever move the curtains aside, to look out the window before all this happened ?
    And In the garage when he chewed the door, is that the same door you brought him through ?

    Also in a lot peoples homes whether it’s in the house or the garage, the few places that doesn’t have a bunch of our stuff in front of it is, the windows and doors. So it’s a good as place as any to attempt an escape.

    And last but not least and this can be a big determining factor, is a dogs superior sense of smell. Windows and doors will allow much more of the outdoor natural smells to come through then a wall will. That’s why it’s always recommended for us to plug up drafts in windows and doors to keep our utility bills down and help out our environment.

    And what is it with these Pit Bulls. We have a Pit Bull named Cyrus, here at the sanctuary that when he was younger he chewed his way through two walls and one interior door.

  3. Our pit bull couldn’t even see the “big opening in your wall” as it was behind heavy drapes but he pulled up the drapes and tried to chew out the wood around the window and then just jumped through the window, taking with him the wood and glass. Once I got through that experience (finding him, taking him to the vet, repairing the window, etc) I put him in the garage and boarded up the window in it with wood and heavy wire grate. Again, the “big opening in your wall” was not visible but he knew it was there as he chewed the wire grate to the extent of tearing up his lips. When he got frustrated there, he chewed on the heavy wood garage door (again, no opening visible) and then the side wood door until he again visited the window and managed to get himself out to freedom. I now understand it was because of the thunderstorms but I don’t believe it had anything to do with him not knowing what a window or a door is…he knows.

  4. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA dog doesn’t actually know what a window is. They have no clue, that there is an invisible force field in front of them. That is the primary reason, why they will initially jump through one. All they see, is a big opening in your wall, … […]

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