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First time doggy play dates, or random dog encounters. Are usually much more stressful on the dog owners, than their dogs. It’s our human, inherited or learned fears, that will have a significant impact on our initial attempts at socializing our dog, or setting up play dates.

Obviously the best way to introduce your dog or puppy to another dog, is by setting up your dogs play date with a friend of yours dog. That’s, friendly and comfortable with other dogs.

It is very important that you do not assess the first encounter, if it doesn’t go well for your dog as a failure. Often when we meet new people, we may not be totally comfortable on the first meeting, with that person. Then, as we have the opportunity to meet them a couple more times, we become increasingly more comfortable, and eventually friendly. The same holds true for your dog. The difference with your dog is, it may take twenty or thirty play dates, before they become comfortable.

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This is very important !!!

ON YOUR FIRST PLAY DATE. The two most important things you can do for your dogs benefit is ;

  1. DO NOT FORCE him to meet the other dog. Don’t be pushy. Let your dog decide when and if he is ready and comfortable enough to approach the other dog.
  2. The other dog MUST listen to the their owner. The importance of this is, if the other dog is a very happy and exuberant dog, he will make your dog nervous, just by his excitement level. So it is important for you to be able to tell when your own dog is getting a little nervous. So you can tell the other person, to settle down their dog. This gives your dog a chance to relax again or, regain his composure if you like.

The first time we try to socialize our dog with his own kind, for us to see the results we like. We must always steer the initial meetings, in the direction we want. Which simple means, both dogs must listen to their respected owners. Without our ability to have our dogs listen to us, it can take a very long time to finally get our dog comfortable with others.

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