Test your dog behavior knowledge; Pop Quiz #1

How do dogs play with each other. Inherited Play Behaviors.

In your dogs mind, there are only three types of play behavior, they will exhibit while playing with other animals. Can you name them ?

HINT #1 ; One of the dogs, favorite way of playing, can be located on one of theses blog articles.

HINT #2 : Think very simply. Have you observed your dog, playing with others. If so, you have probably seen, the three ways dogs play with each other. As humans, we are the only species that have the unique ability to over think to much. Often at the expense of the correct answer. There is an old saying ;( K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid.)

So keeping it simple, What are the three ways dogs play together ? Remember, the question is how do dogs play together.

The Spirit Dog


3 Responses

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  2. Excellent answer Megan.

    1) They love to play fight
    2) They play competitively. ( tug of war)
    3) They play friendly. (Chasing each other around like, you can’t get me. Also applies to the first two types of play behavior)

    Great answer.

  3. 1) Dogs play fight
    2) They play competitively
    3) They play friendly

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