Dog Behavior Myth, #5 Aggression

Your dog is being protective of you if;

The Myth ; A barking or growling dog, is trying to protect you.

The Truth ; A barking or growling dog is trying to scare away, what he is afraid of.

The Why : A dog that is not all that familiar with other dogs, and more specifically people. ( Lack of social skills or socialization). Will bark, growl and carry on like a maniac, when he sees something that makes him nervous. This is mistaken as, aggression or protectiveness. The reason a dog acts this way is simple. A dog will learn real fast, what benefits him. In any situation.

This is why using food rewards is the fastest way to train a dog to sit, lay down, give me your paw, roll over, speak or any other type of trick you would like to teach him. Any animal you see performing on TV, movies or Aquarium shows, are trained with food rewards.

Conversely, Its also the fastest way your dog learns to ward off what he is afraid of. If you come across someone that has a barking and growling dog. What do you do ? Do you go near him ? Of course not. You’re afraid of getting bit, so you will not go anywhere near him. By acting crazy, the scared dog ultimately accomplishes his goal of scaring away what he is afraid of, you.

The Spirit Dog

Copyright © 2008 A.S.Papszycki

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