Puppy Breeds, that collect dust.

( abandoned dogs )

Just got a comment from someone called “fussypup”. That reminded me of something I wanted to say.

Part of the problem these days. Has to do with the reasons why some of us buy puppies. Some of us just always, have to have a dog in our life. We are the good ones.

And some of us. Buy that new puppy, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. We are the bad ones.

It’s like that new bread maker, we just have to have. Or that new exercise machine, that we’re going to finally start getting our self into a little better shape with.

Or that new guitar or drum set, were going to buy our kids.

In a short period of time. All these things that, we just had to have. Start collecting dust on them. All except our new puppy. Which usually gets tied up in the back yard, and forgotten about. Or dropped off at the animal shelter. Where they, will not forget to give the little guy that needle.

Unfortunately, a better education and understanding, of our dogs inherited behaviors. And our ability to work through problems.

Will only get us part of the way there. in stemming the tide of the approximately one million dogs, that are abandoned every month.

The Spirit Dog


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