Shock Collar Requirements and Usage

In case I wasn’t clear about my views on shock collars, let me clarify.

As a tool to use during obedience training, sit, stay, down, come, finish or heal. I am 100% against their use. Now, if you have certain types of problems with your dog, that could mean the eventual death of your dog, on some cold , hard, steel table. Then, I will encourage your use of a shock collar.

But hopefully, your lucky enough to find a dog trainer that actually has a clue. So they can tell you ;

( A ) Do you really need, to use one. ( B ) Are you misunderstanding, what your dog is really doing. ( C ) They will be able to teach you how to use the collar effectively. The fitting of the collar and the timing of the corrections are crucial, to whether or not you will see any improvement. If the timing of the corrections are off by a second or two, your dog will not understand what he’s getting corrected for. Hence you will see no improvement, then you may think, that your dog is hopeless.

A shock collar is negative reinforcement. Remember, 90% of the dogs out there, only need for us to understand them a bit better. To solve any issues, that they may be going through. And only a small percentage of the remaining 10%, will actually need some type of negative reinforcement.

If a dog trainer is good, they should be able to help you solve any problems you are having with your dog. Without the use of a shock collar. Although, whether or not a shock collar is recommended, for you to use. Should not be determined by your dogs, behavior. It should be determined by your personality.

I’ll try to remember to explain the differences, in human behaviors and personalities. Which is a prerequisite, for successfully teaching people about their dogs.

The Spirit Dog


2 Responses

  1. Hello Richard,

    Well, shock collars are fine to use for any behavior you find absolutely unacceptable, especially if the behavior puts the dog or humans at risk. But I don’t think that’s the case here is it ? Have you thought about trying a long line? Go to any store that sells rope and buy a 100 foot ( 30 meters or so) piece of rope ( if they have those colored nylon ropes they’ll do fine) , also by a good bolt snap ( that’s the thing at the end of leashes that connects to the dogs collar).
    Tie the bolt snap onto one end of the rope, attach it to him and Bob’s your uncle.

    You don’t even have to hold the rope, just let him drag it around. Obviously in some areas you won’t want him to have the full length for his safety.

    If you need more help, just ask.



  2. We have a choc lab just turned 2, he is very obedient in the house, when we walk him he is fine till he finds a large stick fallen branch plastic coke bottle etc, then he will not return to the lead till we manage to grab him by chance, this often takes 2-3 hours, we are lost for ideas, we have had him neatered tried treats and even cooked liver, he isnt intrested, we find if we put a muzzel on and he cant get the sticks etc he is no problem, we do not want to restrict him to the muzzel and have been advised to try a shock collar, this has gone on for a year, can you offer any advice. Thank you

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