How good is your dog; Dogs and Kids

How good is your dog, with children ? Even if you have the nicest dog in the world. Please pay attention before you run into the other room, just for a second to grab the phone. We have all heard the horror stories about kids and dogs or kids and swimming pools. So, take that extra second or two , to keep both your babies safe.

The following two pictures are of Fred, the white dog. He is the coolest dog in the world, as long as he doesn’t find any baby bunnies. Fred calls them, popcorn bunnies.

And Ricky, the black dog. Who tends to get a little nervous in certain circumstances. But his preferred method of dealing with his fear, is to run away. While other dogs may growl and snap, at what their afraid of. The little boy is Max.



There are 4.5 million reported dog bites a year. The majority involving small children.

The Spirit Dog


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