No Kill Animal Shelters, Is It Possible

So what do you think ? Is a no kill nation, possible.

Considering that a small city will have 800,000 to a million people, and the larger cities, have between 8 and 10 million people inhabiting them. With a significant number of those residences having dogs. The answer to the question is, NO. It’s impossible to have a no kill nation. As long as people continue to buy puppies, get tired of their new toy, and dump them at their local animal shelters, it’s just not gonna happen.

The notion that with better shelter management. They can somehow stem the tide, of the millions of people abandoning their dogs every year, is absurd. What’s equally ridicules, is to think that with better personal, at the management levels. They will be able to successfully adopt out those millions of dogs every month, instead of killing them. That’s not a typo, I said every month.

Lets face it, people want puppies, they do not want dogs. Everybody loves puppies, but it’s only a select group of dog lovers, that love both.

So unless they can wave a magic wand, and get all the planet’s to align, and get people to stop abandoning their dogs, and to stop buying puppies.

This problem will never go away.

The Spirit Dog

P.S.  When a shelter adopts a no kill format, even though they may say they have an open door policy, that is a flat out lie. An open door policy, means they willingly take in every single animal. When they pick and choose what dogs to take in, that is when their kill rate numbers start declining.

Read the following New York Times Article


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  2. I almost forgot, a significant number of the “no kill” shelters, when the adoption doesn’t work out and the people want to return the dog. Are put on a waiting list, knowing all to well the people are not going to wait. Hence their returned dog numbers are very small, then they can tell us how good their program is working.

  3. Obviously you didn’t read the New York Times article that the link was provided for. Also the successes you talk about are the result of a non-open door policy. Which means the animals have to go through an evaluation process before acceptance into that shelter.

    The only way animal shelters can accomplish becoming a relatively low kill shelter, is by canceling their contracts as animal control agencies within their respected towns or cities.

    When those no kill shelters, turns down a dog for failing the behavior test, the only option left to the owners is to bring the dog to their vet’s office to be euthanized. And these numbers are not tallied as homeless dogs being put down.

    Other numbers that are not tallied are from the millions of dog rescue organizations that have to euthanize the dogs that they can’t place into homes. Again these numbers are not added to the “pet overpopulation” figures.

    You say naysayer, I’m a realist. It’s all about the image, animal lovers, love the notion of no kill. Sadly it’s based in fiction. The number of actual dogs that get euthanized don’t change. But miraculously, the animal shelter numbers improve dramatically.

  4. You support your argument with zero statistics. You are just a naysayer. Say something interesting instead. There are communities in this country that have so few homeless animals that we ship scores of rescued animals from our area to those areas for adoption. ASPCA, HSUS and others have promulgated for too long the myth that everywhere and forever there will be a glut of animals exceeding homes for them. You ignore the power of programs for no-cost spay/neuter, feral-cat trap/release programs, etc., plus, you ignore clear successes in more than a dozen communities now in the United States and Canada. Get out of the way of the no-kill movement.

  5. Hi, I don’t understand what your saying.
    ( is this Mitz the cat ? )

  6. the hollers didn’t want a puppy or a grown dog, they just wanted MONEY!!!!! POOR MITZ

  7. Awesome notes thank you Im a pet pro my self I nature a pup never try to hurt them love them

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