Dog Socializing. How to socialize your dog. Be careful

One of the reasons why it becomes difficult, at times to try and socialize our dog with others. Has a lot to do with, the other persons understanding of their dog. It’s been written before, and it has been preached before. That you should always ask the other dogs owner, if it’s OK to pet or let your dog meet theirs.

If only it was that simple. The sad truth is, some people actually know their dog very well. So if one of these folks tell you its OK, well then it’s OK. And some dog owners, although they may think they know what their dog is going to do. They really don’t have a clue.

What we are talking about here is, tens of millions of dog owners, you can believe. And tens of millions of dog owners, you should not believe. The problem here is obvious. Who to believe and who not to believe.

And this is not just limited to dog owners. The percentages for animal professionals, whether they are trainers, veterinarians or behaviorists. The same thing holds true… Unfortunately, nobody has developed a knowledge detector, that would make it easier for us to tell, who knows and who doesn’t.

Case in point. Eight ; twelve years back, or something like that. A well known and respected animal behaviorist, this person has a, ( PhD ) after their name. Was walking a clients dog, that they had been working with, trying to resolve some biting issues. A man came walking along, and asked if it was OK to pet the dog, the behaviorist told him sure, go ahead. When the man started to approach the dog, the dog jumped up and promptly bit him, in a very private spot.

How can I say this, ah, it was like somebody took a bite out of a hot dog. That, along with the popularity of the behaviorist, was the only reason it made the papers.

The point is, it doesn’t matter who tells you, if it’s OK or not to greet their dog. We are the ones that have to know a dogs body language well enough to be able to determine, whether it’s OK or not.

Have a great night.

The Spirit Dog


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