Dog behavior analysis; Dog Eyesight ;Is your dog a Mr.Magoo

This is just a quick post, to help you understand a little bit better about your dogs vision. His eyesight. If you’ve ever gotten annoyed with your dog. Because he was barking like a maniac at you while he watched you getting out of your car. Or, he acted crazy and wouldn’t shut up when he saw your garbage cans, where in a different spot, in front of your house.

There’s a reason for this. Either he is, Coo Coo for coco puffs, which is highly unlikely. Even though he may do plenty of things, to the contrary. What he really has, is poor vision.

We have learned that just about any affliction, or health related problem that can affect us, can also affect our dog. Yet amazingly, we don’t take into consideration that our dog may have poor eyesight. We will usually blame our dog, for having some type of behavioral problem or issue.

We have some dogs here at, Spirit Animal Sanctuary. That cant see well past, twenty or thirty feet.

So if you have a dog that starts barking and acting crazy. In all probability, he is just a very nervous dog. But don’t overlook the fact, that he might have pretty bad vision, and can’t see all that well.

Have agreat day,

The Spirit Dog


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  1. You should try talking to or calling him before walking into a room. I don’t think there are any eye tests that could evaluate a dogs vision, since the only way they can tell how good our eyes are is by having us read an eye chart. Now if Zeus can read maybe you can get him some glasses.

    I found this interesting, I don’t know if it will help or not.

  2. Hello;

    My family has a Manchester Terrier, Zeus, who seems to have a problem with his eyesight… or he just could be, as mentioned before, a very nervous dog indeed.

    He’s about two years old now. One of the very interesting things my twin and I discovered was that when we took pictures of Zeus, the reflection in his eyes were sapphire blue. Now… this got my sister and I asking questions.

    Most cats and dogs, like people, get a weird camera induced color in their eyes, like red, yellow, green and orange. I never saw a blue reflection before, so this got us to wondering whether this was a clue to whether or not Zeus has vision impairment.

    Like several examples mentioned above, he goes nuts and bark-crazy when a family member, in a well lit room, leaves and comes back and shows extreme aggression until he sniffs their hand. Another is when I change into a night robe or a heavy dress, he also loses it and tries to attack me and won’t stop barking until he is re-assured its me.

    Zeus is a nervous dog, as he has prooven many times that he gets extremly agitated by the bell or by the slightest disturbance in the house.

    Could you please tell me whether a vet can check to see what his eye-sight level stands at and what can be done about it?

    Thank you.

  3. Some dogs, like some people have very bad eyes. This is something many people don’t think about or even consider as a reason there dog may bark at some things.

  4. so you mean every dog has a poor vision and only their smell makes them think what they see?

  5. That’s a good question, while I don’t think it’s possible I’m not an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.

    I would ask an eye doctor if some people’s eyes could be affected by that type of movement. And if so, then I would have to say it’s entirely possible.

    Let me know, what you find out.

  6. when a dog is in a travelling car looking outside does this have any long term effect on their vision?

  7. I already experience many times when my dog barks at me like crazy. My shih tzu dog sleeps with me in my rom, but sometimes i go out at night then, as I am going back to the room he barks at me as if he doesnt know me. Another reason why he barks is whenever he hears a drum beat or the like.

  8. Hello Konrad

    I don’t know.

    Although there have been a numerous studies relating to what colors dogs can see. At best those studies are inconclusive.

    I am happy to see that man has essentially abandoned the idea that animals only see in black, white and shades of gray. That never made to much sense to me, considering all the wonderful colors animals are and display when courting a mate.

    I’ve seen studies that say the most visible color to dogs, is red. But I’ve also seen studies that said green. Than again there are some studies that proclaim they can’t see either one of those colors.

    You have to love the consistent, inconsistencies of various research.

  9. I have bordercolly and want to know what colour he can see best

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