Dog Training ; Shock Collar Training

Am I, for or against, e-collars, electronic collars, remote trainers, shock collars. Call them what you like, they all mean the same thing, if your dog doesn’t listen, they get shocked. Is it painful, well, for some dogs yes, for others not as much. That’s the reason why shock collars have different levels of “Stimulation”, That’s the nice word for “Shock”.

So, am I opposed to them ? Yes and no. For some specific problems they can be a highly effective tool. If you do decide to problem solve with one of these collars, you will not have to “shock” your dog all that often, before he gets the message… So in certain circumstances, with certain problems. I am not totally against there use.

Now the big problem I have with them is, a significant portion of dog trainers will use shock collars for all aspects of their dog training. From basic obedience to advanced obedience, and everything in between. Why do they do this ? Most likely they attended a school for dog trainers, and the school advocated the use of shock collars for ALL, of the dog training.

It would have been nice if they had been taught, to teach their clients how to better communicate with their dogs, instead of shocking them into submission. But if the dog training schools, knew how to teach them that…… I’d have a lot less to write about.

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5 Responses

  1. I don’t agree with shock collar training. I’d rather build the dog up instead of breaking him down. Get yourself involved with his life, do some positive reinforcement training and you’d be much better off in my opinion.

  2. Hello CeAnn,

    That’s one of many behavior inaccuracies associated with canine teachings.That along with feeding a dog, gunpowder to make them aggressive.

    The big problem with shock collars, is there ability to easily “break”: a dog, if used in the wrong hands.

    Military and Law enforcement K9 training, is all about instilling confidence in the animal being trained.

  3. Have you heard of the shock collars being used to make a dog more aggressive/ I have heard that the military uses the shock collars in this way. The shock doesn’t stop until the dog has shown aggression to the person or animal it is being trained to subdue of kill.

  4. Hi Rebecca…At 9 months he’s still a baby. If you tell me how he’s getting out of your yard, I can tell you how to fix it. He can get in a lot of trouble getting out like that. A lot of times all a dog has to do is go near or jump up on a kid, and that kid will automatically say, ” Mommy the dog bit me”.
    Fixing your fencing so he can’t get out doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, I know a lot of tricks for making yards more secure.

  5. i have 2 pitbull’s one i’ve had for 4 yrs. she is the best behaved dog i’ve ever ssen . she was like that when i got her, she saved me from a burning house. the other i’ve had about 7month’s he’s almost 9month’s now. we don’t have children so he’s never been around them he don’t like children. and we has a bad habbit of getting out of the gate when i let him out both dogs stay in side and sleep with my boyfriend and i . he wants to put a shock collar on the boy but i said only if he wears it first . i don’t think he would like it and my dog want like . so when he let’s me shock him for day’s then i still say no to them. thanks you helped my des. even more

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