Socializing dogs, dog socialization, group classes, Quick tip

Socializing your dog or puppy. Before we have the opportunity to learn how to communicate with our dog. Group classes can be great, if.

The group class you bring your dog too, the dog trainer actually has a scheduled play time for the dogs. Or they allow the dogs plenty of opportunities for the doggies to meet and greet. All dog training group classes, use the importance of socializing your dog, as one of their selling points. Make sure they do it. Most classes don’t allow the animals together.

If the dog trainer is any good with dogs, this wont be an issue. And they will encourage you and your dog to meet other dogs and their people.

So make sure you ask any dog training group class, if the dogs are allowed to socialize together.

  • If they say no, find another class.
  • If they say yes, hold them to it. Because they may try and tell you, you or your dog are not ready. ….. Again this should not be an issue, if they know what there doing.

Good Luck, And have a great day.

The Spirit Dog


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