My Dog is Stubborn, Why ?

Dog behavior and dog problem solving through a better understanding of our dogs mind. Is the key to dog behavior modification success.

One of the first and most important things that we MUST understand, is that our dog does not understand English, or any other language that we decide to use while training him.

” What !!! Yea, but my dog knows sit, stay, cookie, ball, house, car, crate, kiss, paw, place, up, down, off, biscuit, treat and get the squirrel.”

That’s fantastic that you took the time to teach him, to make an association with all those words. But he still doesn’t understand them.

Let me explain, say you go on vacation to another country. And you realize pretty quickly, that you should learn how to say, ” where is the bathroom”. As luck would have it, the first person you meet is bi lingual. But wait a minute, instead of this person teaching you how to say, ” where is the bathroom”. They decide to have some fun with the foreigner, and teach you how to say, “ You smell terrible”, instead.

How long do you think it would take, for you to figure out that this guy was having some fun, at your expense ? Not long right !

Now lets say, when we are teaching our dog to sit. As a substitute for sit, we use the word fudge. Now every time we say fudge, he has learned to put his butt on the ground. So if you take him to a park now, and he watches other people telling their dogs to sit. He’s not going to have any clue what “sit” means. But more importantly, he will never figure that out by himself what sit means, unless we take the time to re-teach him.

The importance of this is, when our dog starts doing something we do not like. And we start yelling at him to cut it out, stop it, no more or whatever your favorite phrase is. He is not going to have any clue, of what we want him to do. Unless we have taken the time to teach him those words.

But we haven’t, so now we think our dog is ignoring us or challenging us. Which is bad for your dog and for you.

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Copyright © 2008 A.S.Papszycki

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