Pet Overpopulation in America

  • Do we see millions of pack’s of homeless dogs wandering around our neighborhood’s?
  • Is the pet overpopulation at epidemic proportions ?
  • Or is it simply America’s and our love for those cute and adorable little puppies that we just have to have.
  • Have to have that is until they start growing up, and then it’s time for us again to trade up for a newer model.

So, is there a pet overpopulation problem in America ?

If all the animal shelters in all the lands were euthanizing millions, and millions, of new born puppies every year. Than I would say, yea, there’s definitely a pet over population problem…… But that’s not the case here is it.

The millions of animals being killed in our shelter’s every year are dogs. Not Puppies…. You see, the dogs that are getting euthanized, used to be happy and loved puppies that had a HOME. Then somebody got tired of the work that accompanies juvenile dogs during the behavior problem stage, the teenage years.

The real sad part is many of these individuals that abandoned that, ” No longer cute and just too much trouble puppy”. Rush right back out and get another one.

So please, lets stop with the pet overpopulation reasoning.. By continuing to perpetrate this myth of pet overpopulation, we are most assuredly not helping the animals.

Most likely the rescue organizations that hype this myth, don’t even realize that it’s not the homeless pets that are the problem. It’s the pets that become homeless.

The Spirit Dog

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3 Responses

  1. Pet overpopulation is not a myth. Just ask anyone who works in a shelter.

  2. thespiritdog, please learn correct English before writing anything else.

  3. […] Pet Overpopulation in America Pet Overpopulation in America Posted on June 12, 2008 by thespiritdog Please think for yourselves ; Do we see millions of  pack’s of homeless dogs wondering around our neighborhood’s. Of course not. Just finished visiting, some more dog rescue sites, some of the big boys… They all just love to blame the plight of the millions and millions of “HOMELESS DOGS”, on some mythical pet over population problem…..That’s such a load of crap, If all the animal shelters in all the lands were euthanizin […]

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