Keeping your Dog Safe, Household Poisons

Your dog and anti freeze, no such thing as less toxic.

There is plenty available information out there, for you to research on all the different types of household poisons that your dog can accidentally or purposely ingest. So I’m not gonna repeat all the potential toxins that can be found around our home.

But I will say, please make sure you puppy or dog proof your home. We all know this, but not everybody does it. There are some of us, that although we mean to dog proof our home. We just don’t get around to doing it, until it’s to late.

What I want too talk about, is the less toxic brands of anti freeze. That are available for us to buy in stores everywhere. Right there on the label, they will have a picture with an adorable puppy and kitten along with some copy that reads, “New Less Toxic Formula”. We may mistakenly ,think this is safe.

This sounds wonderful, but it can still kill your dog. When we buy this product, some of us may believe that it is safe and non-toxic. That in itself can have disastrous results for our pets, If we’re not careful with this stuff.

I’m sure somewhere on the back panel of the packaging, there is a note that tells us less toxic doesn’t mean non-toxic, and that it’s still very poisonous.

To bad, not to many of us actually read the labels, of the products we use.

So please check everything around your home for potential troubles. Your little guys life, depends on it.

Hoping you have a happy and safe puppy/dog.

the spirit dog


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