Dog Body Langauage, Stressed and Depressed, Learning to communicate better with our dog

Understanding dog emotions and body language.

Learning to communicate better with our dog, also entails touching, and a lot of it. Where going to focus on relaxing and relieving the stresses and anxieties of our nervous dog, through touch in this lesson.

I must warn you, if you are not completely comfortable and totally relaxed, or your a little nervous around or touching your dog, DO NOT TRY THIS… You will be projecting your nervousness onto your dog, and in dog language we are telling him, be careful something bad may happen…. **(Related Post )**

To start off with, we have to have some idea of the areas of his body that he really doesn’t like us to touch. And we must avoid those areas in the beginning. How we begin is, we want to gently touch and massage the parts of his body that he’s more comfortable with. Our facial expressions and more importantly our eyes, must convey to our dog, love and happiness.

What is love and happiness. It’s the feeling we get, when we watch our children sleeping, or while we watch a group of kids playing together, with that pure look of joy on their faces…. It’s the love and the warm feelings we have in our hearts, when watching… We can’t hide that feeling, and we can’t fake that feeling. Anybody that would look at us, at times like that, would clearly see our emotions through our eyes.

Our dog will see that too. So we must be genuine with our feelings. It should be pretty easy if we truly love our dog.

We will worry about expanding the areas of touch, to include his more sensitive areas latter… For now we will stay within his comfort zone…. The amount of time we should devote to each one of these massage and relaxing sessions, is totally up to you. It is much more effective, to have a whole bunch of short one or two minute sessions, each day. As apposed to having one long, thirty or forty minute session per day.

Let me know, if I have too be more specific in how you should touch your dog, during these type of sessions. I have found, that for most dog people once I have taught them how to start communicating with their pet, emotionally wise. They usually figure out the rest by themselves. If you do find, that you need a little extra guidance, don’t be shy. Ask me, I’m more than happy to help.

Have Yourself a Great Day

The Spirit Dog


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