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Dog Body Language, I’m gonna bite you

Countless dog bites a year are the results of us being a little to complacent around our dog, and the plain and simple fact that, we really can’t read our dogs body language as well as we think we can. The phone calls I receive, although they may vary slightly in the details, always end the same way, ” The bite came out of nowhere”, without any warning.

There was plenty of warning, we just missed it. You don’t even try to tell someone on the other end of the line. That their dog was telling them in the only way he knew how, I’m gonna bite you, if you don’t cut it out… Cause they’ll just tell you, “I’ve had dogs my whole life”, and that, “I’ve never had a dog do this before, and I know dogs”. Sadly, if they knew dogs as well as they thought, they wouldn’t have gotten bit.

A dog that bites us, a family member or a friend, that we may have thought was comfortable around company because he has met them before. Is a dog that although is kinda used to people, is really not all that comfortable around us yet. We have just been missing the dogs body language signs.

Most of us when we are petting a dog with friends around, are paying more attention to the conversations, than we are to the dog. That’s a bad thing, it’s the same as when somebody is talking to you, and your not paying attention to them. Except their not going to bite you, because they are nervous.

What to look for in a dogs body language that will give you a heads up, that maybe you should stop what your doing. And figure out, how to make him a little more happier. The dogs body language tells us everything we need to know, regardless of the circumstances.

What we want to look for in a dog that is not all that comfortable, is a closed mouth and his body is stiff. A dog that shows us this, is nervous and not happy at that particular time. Or the dog may even be licking us, do not mistake this as comfort on his part.

(95 %) of the time, a dog that is comfortable and happy, that your petting him. Has his mouth open, tongue hanging out, and happiness in his eyes. The following is some examples of dogs that are nervous and not that comfortable.

Pay close attention to their faces, mouth and body. Take note of closed mouth. In extreme cases of nervousness, Look for a tucked tail and ears back. Some nervous dogs do not tuck their tail, a closed almost clamped shut mouth, stiff body and the eyes are your best indicators for judging nervousness. For a closer look, click on picture. To return to post, click your back button nervous dog nervous dog nervous dog nervous dog nervous dog nervous dog

With any nervous dog, we must be very calm and gentle. Very slow movements on our part, while talking calmly, slowly and very reassuring. Almost like pillow talk.

Hope this has been of some help to you. Have a Great Day

The Spirit Dog.

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7 Responses

  1. Hi TZ,

    I seem to have forgot the ‘Or’ before “He’ in that last sentence.


  2. “What we want to look for in a dog that is not all that comfortable, is a closed mouth and his body is stiff. A dog that shows us this, is nervous and not happy at that particular time. He may even be licking us, do not mistake this as comfort on his part.”

    how can a dog’s mouth be closed and its licking you at the same time?

  3. Thank you Spirit Dog for making it so easy to tell the difference. My small donation to Spirit Animal Sanctuary is in the mail.

    Beth Armstrong

  4. Hey, what are you doing over here ? Say hello to Mai Tai for me.

    He’s better than most but he still misses the point. Since most often the problems we have with our dogs are fear based, trying to dominate them by being an alpha is not the best approach.

    It’s all about learning how to relax the fearful dog, by going a more dominant route that animals worst fears are often realized.

    That’s not to say that a scared dog can’t benefit from you being a better boss. But you must know how to put them at ease first before you show them that side, if that side is necessary at all with that particular dog.

  5. What do y ou think of Cesar Milan?

  6. Hi Susan, Have an absolutely fantastic time on the show.

  7. Hey Spirit Dog- I like your site.
    Hey watch me on Dog Whisperer w/Cesar Millan Friday July 25th on NAt Geo Channel- I am an animal communicator w/ two problem dogs. They show me workling w/ a client too.


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