Adopting a puppy from rescue

Having been involved with and around dog rescue organizations, for the last twenty something years. A sad turn of events started taking place, about, I don’t Know; fifteen years ago. I can only speak with knowledge of the New York area. But I’m gonna guess this same thing is happening in the larger market cities, through out America.

Rescue organizations that have been around for the last fifty to a hundred years, that used to do a tremendous amount of good helping dogs in need, changed their marketing strategies. They realized one undeniable truth. The vast majority of potential adopters, want puppies. They are not interested in dogs. So they actively pursue each and every litter of puppies they can find. Like puppies have a hard time getting adopted.

So that, unfortunately, is what has begun to happen. Business is business. Ya gotta give the public what they want.

It’s easy to tell which rescue organization, adhere to this business philosophy. There the ones that always advertise on TV, radio and in print media. They have essentially turned into large puppy stores, that are masquerading around as animal rescues.

They’ll have their, standard adoption fee, which is the norm. But unlike the smaller rescue organizations, that don’t have, multi million dollar advertising budgets. And just like a puppy store. When you “adopt” a puppy from one of these places, you can get your puppy with all the fixins. They will suggest to you, everything you need, to properly raise your new puppy. And you, being a good puppy parent, buy it all.

Do I have a problem with them essentially selling puppies. No I do not. People are always going to want puppies. It doesn’t matter to me whether they get a puppy, at a puppy store or one of these large organizations. What matters to me is, that they play up the abused, abandoned or homeless animals angle. Knowing all to well, that this will play on our emotions as animal lovers. And, they don’t really take any dogs in, only puppies…..That is what, I have a problem with.

So if you wanna get a puppy from one of these places, fine. Just don’t buy all the extra shit, their trying to sell you. Buy all your puppy needs on line, you’ll save a bunch of money. Then you can take all the money you saved, and donate it to one of the smaller rescue organizations in your area, they are the ones that truly need it.

You Have A Great Night.

The Spirit Dog


4 Responses

  1. Attention, love and security is what our dogs need.

    Sad to say, that’s how a lot of the problems arise in the first place. A lost or lack of interest in our dog.

    Once this happens we are telling him in his language, we no longer want you in our pack. And he act’s accordingly.

  2. I’ve been mouthy on some of your other posts.

    But I like what you’ve said here! I worked in a Humane Society and the pups don’t stay long. The sweet adult black lab mix is the one that stays long . . . be open to adult dogs! Many of them, with the proper training and attention make great companions!

  3. Thank you, Matt : I appreciate it. The writing is starting to get a little better. In my right sidebar, I’ll be adding an, “Other blogs of interest ” type list. For the folks that are interested in different subjects.Your link will be on there.

  4. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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