Be the Alpha dog; Be the pack leader; Be the Dictator

So you wanna be a pack leader, the alpha dog, the boss, the head honcho, the big cheese, the King, the dictator ???? Go ahead, knock yourself out. If you think that’s going to help.

90% of the dogs out there, need something else. While 10%, of the dogs, well yea, you gotta learn how to be a better boss. But that’s easy. As long as you follow the right advice.

Where going to talk about the 90% right now. This group of dogs where as, the vast majority of our serious dog problems exist, “potential biting”, is so simple to deal with. That when I read the dog training advice that others give; advice that includes,

  • Giving your dog a treat.
  • Giving your dog a timeout.
  • Teaching him a wanted behavior, instead of the unwanted behavior.
  • Exercising him, one, two or three hours a day.
  • Telling you, that your dog needs a job.
  • Adhering to ,”The no free lunch” logic.

When I read this stuff, I just wanna bash my head against a fucken wall.

This is a nervous group of dogs. Let me ask you, does your dog carry on like a maniac when he sees something. Barking, growling or lunging. Yea !! That’s a nervous dog. A dog that thinks he’s a boss, doesn’t do any of that. They are real quiet.

Now it’s easy to confuse a nervous dog that’s standing still, being quiet, while he’s being petted or being smelled by another dog. With his more confident brothers. All along the nervous dog is trying his best to hold it together until he finally freaks out, and bites whatever is near him. Which can include you, now he wasn’t trying to bite you, but some dogs are not to slick.

So you wanna now what you gotta do ? Get your dog happy. It really is that simple. I’ll talk more about this latter. But now some pictures of dogs, that where basket cases. Before they found happiness.

happy dog

happy dogs

happy dogs

happy dogs

happy dogs

When you learn how to communicate with your dog, anything is possible.

You Have A Great Day

The Spirit Dog

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