Wolf and Dog

A Wolf is a Dog, and a Dog is a Wolf.

Our Dogs are not the domesticated animals we are led to believe. It’s up to us, to domesticate each and every new puppy, that we bring into our home. That is the primary reason why millions of dogs are euthanized every year, and the reason for the millions of dog rescue organizations.


This is Big Big and Meow. Just a pretty looking dog, that we are taught from youth to fear.

Wolf and Cat

Wolf and Cat

This is Big Big, Pharaoh dog and Buddy boy.

Big Big, Pharoah, Buddy

Every body likes to tell you that dogs and wolves are different. They are not. They are the same exact species. Behaviorally and physically. They are predators and carnivores. That is why so many people get bit by dogs every year. And why  so many cats and other small critters are killed by dogs every year.

It really pisses me off, when supposedly knowledgeable dog people, show their ignorance in regards to animal behavior by telling you, that your dog is not a wild animal. Funny thing is, none of these people have ever met, pet, or interacted with the breed of dog called Wolf. Yet they will still tell you they are not the same as dogs, why ? Because that’s what everybody else says.

By them perpetuating this myth, when you do have problems with your dog, you’ll think to yourself, “that’s not a normal behavior for a domesticated dog”. And most likely the dog will pay the ultimate price….. Because of somebodies, “Expert Knowledge” about canine behavior.

Post Script ;

For all you dog lovers out there, especially for those dog trainers in the problem solving field. I’m guessing that you have  helped your clients with a multitude of dog behavior problems, whether those problems are aggression, biting , housebreaking, destructive chewing or digging. Are those problems limited to certain breeds of dogs ? No they are not, every dog breed, large , small and everything in between can and will display those behaviors.

All Dog rescue organizations have to re-channel their thoughts and energizes . As to why the calls from people looking to get rid of their dogs, Never stop coming. Instead of telling people, that they should have been more diligent in researching what breed of dog would have been more suitable for them. We should be telling them, that all dogs are the same. So don’t be surprised when Fluffy sinks her teeth into you, when you go to pick up her favorite toy.

Behind closed doors, we in the animal profession, love to blame you. Well not me actually, they do. For your failure’s, in properly raising a dog. The truth is, you have not failed. We have failed you. By continuing to teach theories of canine behavior, that are essentially hearsay and supposition, and have nothing to do with actual canine behavior. And by teaching you that different breeds think differently.

Thank You

The Spirit Dog

Alan Papszycki

Founder & Director

Spirit Animal Sanctuary Inc. ( A forever home for behaviorally misunderstood dogs)


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3 Responses

  1. Where did you get him? he is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Hello Sandy Lee,

    Thanks, that’s a part of the big problem out there. Well meaning individuals that try to give helpful advice , but it’s inaccurate behavior advice. The sad part is a lot of dog people would not have done what you did, and their dog would of been miserable.

  3. I like this artical and do agree with it. I use to have Malamutes. They are gone but boy do I miss them. When I first got into the Malamutes I went to Mission Wolf to learn something but instead I ended up teaching them. I thought they would know when they rolled on their backs that they would know what the wolves were doing. But they did not. I have had 8 dogs in my house at one time. I had the first Malamute in with 5 dogs that I brought from CA. I had heard that Malamutes were dog agressive so I did not want to put her in the house with the rest of them. She was not happy unless she was with me. So I finely had to introduce her to the pack. It worked out ok. I trained her in Obedience and showed her in Comformention. My problem was I listened to much to the breeder. Until she saw what I did with her in the show ring. Then things were different. Anyway the experiences that I have had could write a book about. Sandy

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