Dogs Follow our Emotional Lead; Free Dog Training

Learning how to have our dogs listen to us a little better. Depends on our ability to ACT. You know, act, act, the silver screen, the little screen, hitting the boards call it what you like. For us to start communicating with our dog or any animal for that matter, depends on our ability to act in a manner that they understand.

Dogs follow our emotional lead. Acting.

Dogs follow our emotional lead, Acting.

We can not FAKE an emotion with our dogs. Our dogs have a lot more experience at this form of communicating, than we do. Thankfully for us it’s easy to learn. And thankfully we already do it.

Everyday in our lives we act, interacting with the people in our life. Whether they are people that we love, people that we like, or people that we don’t like. We act differently depending on the circumstances. And for most of us, we are believable. Why ?, because we mean it, where not faking it, well OK, maybe we fake it sometimes but you know what I mean.

To often when we are trying to communicate with our dog, we rely more on the spoken word, and not enough on the emotional content of our speech. Because of this we tend to start getting frustrated and upset relatively quickly. When this happens, our dog will never understand what we want.

Now this is a lot easier said than done since I can’t personally show every dog person how to do this. But in a nut shell by us remaining calm we can calm down a dog, by us getting excited we can get a dog excited (play), in the middle off the day if you want to take a nap your dog will nap along with you. They will follow us in every thing we do, if we know what were doing.

Like I said before, when our dog starts doing something we don’t like we often get excited ourselves  while trying to get them to stop. And because of our excited (remember the play thing) body language ( which is most often excited frustration) we will have a snow balls chance in hell of getting that dog to listen to us.

We have to practice being calm with our dog in small increments of time 20 seconds, 30 seconds a minute maybe. The duration of time to do this  is determined by how long you can keep it together before freaking out.


You have a great day.

The Spirit Dog


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2 Responses

  1. My dog (puppy) teaches me something new everyday, about myself and about him. I’ve had a dog in my life since I can remember. But this dog is so different. We’ve had this thing going on where I put him on the leash and try going for a walk with him he just sits down and refuses to walk. At first it drove me nuts, I was frustrated it even made me cry. I mean what was I thinking? He’s just a puppy and here he is making ME cry!!! WHY WHY WHY won’t he walk with me? When I first considered getting him the breeder told me that he was THE most aggressive and dominant puppy in the litter so of course I was gonna show this dog who was boss…COME ON DOG WERE GONNA GO FOR A WALK… (I can be SUCH and idiot sometimes) of course I’ve been reading all this stuff about how to train your dominant puppy…I’m thinking to myself this is just a baby why would you drag him along and MAKE him do blah blah blah… LOL Well I figured out a few things in the last couple weeks 1.) If I remain calm and cool he’ll follow along. 2.) He’s actually pretty shy so he’ll do it when he’s not sure about something. I just patiently (NOW) wait for him to see that things are alright. He’s definately the first shy dog I’ve ever had. All my other dogs were so eager to go with me and hang out. I never expected him to be different.
    Well anyway now that I KNOW he’s not a dominant type fellow..its my job to make him happy…things are just going along nicely. He’s so awesome!!!! I love him alot. Some of the stuff you read out there…no wonder people have such a hard time with there dogs. Things HAVE to be this way or that way with the dog. The dog can’t even be just a dog. I’m came across this site looking for insights into the vacuous and noble mind of the dog. So thanks! I’m inspired and can’t wait to learn more about my dog. Just by letting him be a dog!! (with manners) LOL

  2. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptLearning how to have our dogs listen to us a little better. Depends on our ability to ACT. You know, act, act, the silver screen, the little screen, hitting the boards call it what you like. For us to start communicating with our dog or … […]

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