Dog Breeds, Different or all the same ?

Choosing a breed of dog, what should you use as a criteria.

I have talked about this before, but it’s so important, I’m going to give you some more information on the subject. If you remember, earlier I mentioned that it is a total waste of your valuable time, researching what breed of dog would be good for you.

Whether it’s a Maltese, German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Pit Bull, St. Bernard, Poodle or a Pug. At some point, you will have to deal with the same problems.

What you have to ask yourself is, when the problems do arise, ( and they will ). Do you want to have those problems, with a ten or fifteen pound dog, or a sixty, eighty or a hundred pound dog ?

So when you are thinking about getting a new puppy, Your number one criteria for choosing a breed of dog, should be SIZE not BREED.

Have an Absolutely Fabulous day.

The Spirit Dog


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3 Responses

  1. Hi again

    Here’s the thing, every breed of dog small, medium and large can and in a lot of instances do, bite children and adults. I have a couple of other post’s on this subject ;

    They are kind of similar. in regards to the person you saw who wrapped the dogs leash around the kids hand, I don’t think even monkeys would be that stupid.

    I would bet, if you owned a staff or jack russell they would be great dogs. Did you check out the photo page, this pictures from a million years ago. That’s me in the middle with my grand parents rescued ex-racing dog Ginger.

    I found out about their terrible lives, at a way to early age.

    Have a great day, Chandra.

  2. I saw a woman pulled over and dragged along by what must’ve been near on 140lbs of dog a few weeks ago – it was coming over to attack my very sick & therefore nervous (and now sadly passed on) rescue greyhound… it wasn’t funny at the time, to put it mildly, but size relates to adults too, is my point.

    I’m 126lbs, give or take, and I can hold an 84lb grey who’s just tried to take off after a rabbit – but with two of them, I’d be skating along on my belly just like she did.

    Then, another time I saw someone hand their labrador-sized dog’s leash to a kid barely able to toddle, wrapped it round the kid’s wrist to keep it secure too – great idea if the dog freaks and runs across the road, you’re looking at dislocations, abrasions and massive scariness in the best case scenario – worst case dog and/or kid go under car… oh, the possibilities are endless.

    That said – I’m not entirely sure breed doesn’t count – right now from what I’ve seen, a kid would be safer with the average greyhound than a jack russell or a staff. terrier, because in my experience (not as an owner of either) they’ve always been snappy, snarky little dogs – any thoughts on that?

  3. […] that it is a total waste of your valuable time, researching what breed of dog would be good for for Sale, Dogs for Sale and Dog BreedersDirectory of dog breeds and breeders with puppies […]

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