“How to read your dog”, Body Language, “The Eye’s”

This is going to be quick exercises for you. So you can start to learn how to read your dogs body language.

First Step ; Since most of what our dog has to say, comes from his eye’s. That’s what this first lesson is. Learning to read our dogs eye’s. This is really very easy stuff. Learning something new is always a pain in the neck, we may be unsure, we may thing we’re doing it wrong. Don’t worry about whether your doing it right or not.

There’s an old saying; “We fail by not trying “. So as long as we give this a try, we are sure to learn something.

This is what I would like you to try. I know you can tell how someones feeling by looking into their eye’s. I’d like you to try the same thing with your dog. This quick exercises should get you on your way. I’d like you to start off with an easy one first. Because I don’t want to overload you, with to many exercises.

(1) ; Throughout your day when your dog is not demanding your attention, and he’s off doing something by himself. Look at him once in awhile. For maybe thirty or forty seconds. Don’t say anything to him, and try to make sure he doesn’t see you, looking at him. I just want you to watch him. Whatever it is he’s doing, watch his eye’s, and watch his facial expression.

Do this three or four times a day. And try to take a guess, at what he’s thinking about. This is our first step in learning how to read our dogs body language better.

What can you tell, by looking into someones eye’s ? Take a couple minutes and think about all the different feeling’s or emotions. That we are able to figure out, just by looking at someone. If you feel like it, make a list. This may help you out a little.

Have a wonderful day.

The Spirit Dog ; Oh yea, Please check out the Dogstock page.


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5 Responses

  1. so i have two chihuahuas champ and snickers that are from the same litter they love each other and are quite the pair together and i have had them since they three months old they are now turning three here in october and i am a stay at home mom so ther are with me 24/7 well anyways my sister in law got two little girl shitz sues and she decided it was just too much so i took one off her hands her name is sammy and we have now had her for 2 days and i dont know what i did without her shes great and i love them all and each one is there own dog and i think its great but since we got sammy champ is mad he wont play with his toys anymore and ive even tried buying him his own speacil bone which he didnt care about and the one day sammy was chewing on his hamburger toy and i took it from her and went to play with him and he went after it but after he had smelled that she had chewed on it he gave me a dirty look and walked away like he just couldnt beleave that she had played with his toy i love them so much and i just want him to snap out of it i can tell hes depressed but i want to help him get over it i just dont know what to do i have alone time with him and he gets a little happy but he wants nothing to do with sammy and if she comes around he goes and lays on our bed because she cant get up there yet. thanks and sincerly concerned mom

  2. Hi Cecily

    It sounds as if she’s just bored or depressed. You say she gets really happy when you come home, how much time do you spend saying hello to her. If we don’t spend quality time with our dogs, they will often get the impression that we don’t care that much about them. Actions speak loader than words, which means, we can say we love our animals but unless we show it in a way they can understand it doesn’t matter.

    Remember we have a life, but to our dogs, we are their life. It’s our job to make them happy, not the other way around. I’ve written a couple articles on how to get dogs happy, look under “The Mind Of a Dog”, category. I think there listed in there.

    If after reading some of the articles you still need some help, get back in touch with me and I’ll help you out.

  3. well i got my dog about three years ago i could tell she was already grown but im not sure of her age,she is my heart beat and if i had the extra money i would take her to the vet
    i want to find out her age so bad so i know how much longer she has cuz its gonna really kill me when she passes and i just dont want it to come up on me she lays around all the time the only time she shows any signs of real joy is when i have to leave her to go to work well when im gone for hours and i come back she goes crazy just a crying and so happy to me she does not like other dogs AROUND ME SHE GETS REAL UP SET I CAN TELL THAT but my concern is how much she just lays around i get in bed and call her to get up there and its like she look at me and just lays back down the only time i can get her to come is when i get on the floor i dont know i just really love her and i want to know that she knows it and never doubts it!!!! so when that day comes i dont have to question my self if i did right by her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Thank you, Learning : Yes !! We can learn so much about our dogs,by simply looking at their facial expressions. And in particular, their eyes. There is an old saying, ” The eyes are the windows into our soul” . Somebody got it right, a long time ago.

  5. Hi, just stumbled onto your site. Really cool. My Corgi does have some very good facial expressions and I like looking at her eyes every now and then.

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