Free Dog Training Help ; Free Forever

I teach this stuff to help dog owners with their dogs, In the hopes of saving that dogs life. Every thing here is free. I’m not asking you to buy anything. And I’m not trying to sell you anything. This is Free.

I mention this because, I was just checking out a bunch of other dog training blogs. And they tease you with info, then they have a link for their dog training site. Where they want you to buy and download there amazing and guaranteed dog training books or manuals.

I’m all for somebody making a buck. But were taking about a dogs life here. If you have visited this blog before, you probably figured out that I’m the founder of an animal sanctuary.

My motivation for dog training all these years is simple. If you help out dog owners, in a simple and effective way, they will be happy and that dog will live.

Have a great weekend.

Alan Papszycki

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Third Generation Master Trainer.  Animal Behaviorist.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Rael

    I’ll be taking the photos of the fencing this week and writing down a quick description on how to make your fence higher.

    have a great day

    Al- ( the spirit dog )

  2. yes would u please sen me some pic

    Thank u Rael

  3. Hi Rael

    The problem here is even if you spend a ton of time training him to not jump the fence. You can never really be sure that if he sees something really interesting outside, that he’s going to stay there.

    If this is the dogs run area or big type outside kennel area and not your regular yard fence. You can think about extending the hight of the fence using electrical conduit pipe and galvanized fencing . If you like, I can take some photos of what we did to make our fencing ten foot high. We get a lot of snow. I’ll also give you directions.

    You can also try one of those invisible electronic fences, the wire that is used is insulated so you can attach it to the top outside or your fence. If you attach the wire to the inside, the dogs might rip it off if they jump up on the fence.

    I hope this helps you out.

  4. i have a 1 year old black lab he keeps jumping over the 4 foot fence we have for him and the other dogs . how can i stop him for jumping the fence

  5. Hi Jeannie, Before I can help you out with your dog, I have to ask you some Questions.
    1. How old is your dog.
    2. How many dogs do you have.
    3. How long has your dog been ” Hunting” your birds.
    4. How well does your dog listen to you now.
    5. Does he listen better in your house,
    A. Yes.
    B. No.
    C. Sometimes.
    D. Depends.
    6. How much time does your dog get to spend with you .

    Jeannie, if you can answer these questions for me, I’ll have a better idea about , you and your dog. And what type of relationship you have with your animals. Some people spend a lot of time with their dogs, some a medium amount of time, and some wish they could spend more time.
    There can be different approaches to helping someone out, with different behavior issues, based on the amount of time they currently spend with their dogs.

    Talk to you later.

  6. how do i teach a dog to stop hurting chicken, baby chicks and other little birds?

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