Puppy Care, Housebreaking, Training

I have been meaning to talk about this, because it bothers me so much. Each new week, each new month and each new year for about the first five or six years of your dogs life. You will have different priorities in dog training and / or health related issues, that you will have to learn and deal with.

Where going to focus on your brand new puppy, for a moment here. This goes to your puppies health. I’ve just finished reading twenty five or thirty dog training sites. That advocate limiting your puppies drinking water in an attempt to housebreak your puppy quicker.

Let me ask you, does that sound like a smart or intelligent thing to do. Think about it, this is a baby. Your first priority, is your puppies health. That means you always have fresh drinking water for your puppy and you feed him as much as he wants. Worry about his weight much later on. Proper nutrition, water and exercise is your puppies best defense against sickness or illness.

Housebreaking your puppy can also be considered a top priority. But not at the expense of your puppies health.

Don’t worry so much about the housebreaking. Unless you have the luxury of staying home all day it’s going to take awhile to housebreak your little guy.

And please forget about all those dog training adds you see on the web. Claiming that you can housebreak your puppy in six or seven days. Remember that old saying ? ” If its to good to be true; it is to good to be true”

Here’s to you raising a healthy puppy.


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