I got my new puppy, now what do I do

How to raise and train your new puppy, basic puppy introduction skills.

How to train your puppy. Did you buy a dog crate, dog collar, pet bed. How about dog food, dog treats, dog toys. You bought them all !!!!!! Excellent, let the fun begin.

First things first.

1. Water is the life force for everything on our planet. Your puppies water bowl, should never be empty.

2. Dog food, All dog food is nutritionally balanced. At this stage of your puppies life you should really be feeding him dog food that says PUPPY on the bag. Only because you want to feed your little guy something that has a higher protein and fat level in it. Puppy food is a little more expensive. If you can’t afford it, don’t sweat it. He will be fine either way.

3. Play with him. All the time. Don’t be too focused on teaching him sit, stay, down and all that other stuff. Letting him become and stay a happy dog, will save you some troubles down the road

4. Housebreaking your puppy. Read the housebreaking posts. HOUSBREAKING

5. Most dog problems arise after we have had our puppy for five, six, seven months. Because the fascination with our new toy has worn off. What happens is the bond we had established, breaks. Dogs are very social animals, if we start neglecting them emotionally. We’re telling them we no longer want them in our pack. That’s how your dog see’s it, anyway.

6. We don’t like being neglected. So please don’t neglect your dog.

There will be more stuff in the future about everything . Until then, You have a great day !

The Spirit dog

Copyright © 2008 A.S.Papszycki

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