Dog behavior myth’s, #1; BY,

A dog that jumps up on you;

THE MYTH : The dog is trying to dominate you.

THE TRUTH : This is a dog that wants to say hello.

THE WHY : Dogs say hello to each other, face to face. They want to do the same thing with us, but we are  a little too tall. So they jump up and try and get closer to our face to say hello.

This is so simple yet, you have dog trainers and animal behaviorists. Teaching you, that a dog that jumps up on you is trying to dominate you. If they get this simple dog behavior wrong.

What else are they getting wrong ???


5 Responses

  1. Thank you Mark, those little guys can be a pain in the neck for their mommy.

  2. Thank you Linda, Dogs meet nose to nose before going nose to butt. It’s only nervous dogs that will perceive this as a threat. Confident or well socialized dogs, are glad to meet their own kind. Because of our nervousness around other dogs, we have a tendency to De-socialize our dogs with their own species.

  3. I agree!! Another reason WHY dogs jump is from birth, they JUMP toward their mother for food and affection. With the proper training, jumping can be transformed and occur less!!

    Mark Siebel

  4. Dogs says hello nose to butt NOT face to face.
    Face to face with unfamiliar dogs can be perceived as an aggressive move by one of the dogs.

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