How to find your lost dog ; (more info)

Increasing your chances, to find your lost dog. We have covered the importance of a snug dog collar. Also registering your dog with one of the Pet finder services is a good idea. Then again, this all comes back to making sure your dogs collar is snug, so he can’t pull out of it. Don’t think for one minute that if your dog has an identification chip in him, there will be a happy return. Some animal shelters are not that diligent in scanning the new dogs that are brought in for chips.

Some things to remember.

  1. If your dog got hit by a car, you will never know about it. Although the odds on your dog getting hit by a car, are pretty slim.
  2. A lost dog can easily travel twenty or thirty miles in a day. Which means he can be in another town or counties animal shelter.
  3. If your dog is found by a certain type of animal lover. They will think your a bad dog owner because you let your pet, get lost. This type of person will not return your dog.
  4. Sometimes your dog is found by a caring dog lover, while they are traveling to or from work. What can happen in this scenario is they take the dog to where they live, with the intent of finding the dogs owner. Then the dog escapes from them. Again, they could live thirty or fifty miles away from you.

What you can do!

  1. Put flyer’s up with a recent picture of your dog, EVERYWHERE. Offering a reward may help.
  2. You can put a free add in most newspapers classified sections, under lost and found. They may call it something else or have a different heading. Call the newspapers in your area, and ask them.
  3. One of the absolute best things you can do is take a stack of flyer’s to any and all police departments, that are in your area. Talk to the desk sergeant and leave the flyer’s. Any police officers that are dog lovers, will take a flyer out on patrol with them.
  4. You have to go and check the animal shelters in your area and the surrounding areas. If you call the animal shelters you will be talking to an office worker, and they will not know what dogs are in there. You have to visit and check for yourself. You must visit at least once a week.

I hope this has been of some help to you.

Print it, save it, memorize it.

This could save your dogs life.

Remember, you have to be proactive. Do not sit back and hope someone calls you to say they found your dog.


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