What if your dog gets lost ? Dog collar safety

A snug dog collar can prevent your dog from getting lost.

Your pets dog collar and ID tags, are your best bet for a safe return to your home. Most of us are responsible enough to have a dog collar and ID tags on our dog.

The mistake’s we make are ;

  1. Our dogs collar, is way to loose. A lost and scared dog will be running through bushes, hedges, fences and a whole lot of other stuff. If his dog collar gets caught on something, a dogs natural reaction is to pull away from whatever he’s stuck too. And when he does this, if his dog collar wasn’t very snug he’s going to pull free of his collar. And then your chance’s of his safe return, just plummeted to almost zero.
  2. It doesn’t take that long for your dogs ID tags to wear out. Where they become impossible to read. So check your dogs ID tags often and have a couple spare tags around.
  3. The dog tag ring. Do not use that cheap and flimsy ring that comes with your dogs rabies tag. Those things pull apart real easy. Use either a car key ring or you can buy something similar at a hardware or home store.

So, remember these three simple things :

  1. A snug dog collar.
  2. ID tags you can read.
  3. A quality ID tag ring

In an up coming post ; What you can do to increase your odds, for the safe return of a lost pet.

Good Bye; and have a great week. The Spirit Dog

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