Not sure what breed of dog is right for you ???

What breed of dog Beagle, Boston terrier, St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Greyhound, Golden Retriever, Miniature Poodle, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, Bulldog or any of the other Four hundred plus breeds of dog. Would be good for you.

We talked about this on an earlier post, there still is plenty of information that you should have. It’s our hope that by giving you enough information about dogs. You will be able to make a more informed decision on what size dog, not what breed of dog. Will be a better and safer fit for your family.

We have to talk about exactly, what level of experience you may have. I mention this, because over the years I have helped thousands and thousands of pet owners. Solve the problems they were having with their dog. Almost in every single case, the dog owners said, ” I never had a dog that did this before”. That tells me that they don’t have as much experience as they think they do.

Look at it this way. Most of us spend much more time with our car every day, then we do with our dog. Yet who fixes your car when it needs work, you. Of course not, the car guy does. My point is, we have much more experience with our car and we still don’t know how to fix that. You can send your car out to be fixed, but you can’t send out your dog to be fixed. And yes I know that there are plenty of dog training places that say they can do fix your dog. If you send him to them.

I will tell you right now, it does not work. Because you are the one that has to learn to solve your dogs problems. Unless of course, the dog trainer is willing to come live with you for awhile.

If you are single or there are only adults living in your home, then maybe you can choose a puppy that’s not a small breed dog. The reason is at some point you will have problems with your dog. And the problems that I’m talking about is when your dog starts using his mouth for more than eating. So you have to ask yourself, at that point would you rather deal with a fifteen pound dog or a sixty, seventy, or eighty pound dog.

I hope this has been of some help to you. Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty more on this subject.

Thank You… The Spirit Dog


5 Responses

  1. You forgot, ADORABLE.

  2. Picking a new puppy out is so hard, there are so many beautiful breeds , you just want to get them all, my preference has been pomeranians , beautiful and elegant

  3. I’m happy to here your involved with animal rescue. But now you see what I’m up against on the common thoughts and teachings on animal behavior. My point in all of this, is to make potential puppy buyers really think twice before that impulse puppy purchase.
    In regards to whether only certain breeds of dog, have the propensity to hunt and kill things, they all do. We have a seemingly wonderful all white lab here, Freddie, who’s favorite past time is eating new born bunny rabbits or kittens if he can find them.
    I say all dogs are the same, behaviorally and breed doesn’t matter, because you can take ten dogs of a specific breed, and three or four of them will hunt and kill smaller animals given the chance.
    While the other six or seven, could care less about hunting.

    What were really taking about here is the different personalities, that an individual dog will have, regardless of the breed.

    For us to constantly teach that it’s only certain breeds of dogs that are capable of, hunting or biting behaviors. We are propagating a myth, and doing a tremendous disservice to the general public and to the dogs themselves.

    You wanna see something interesting, Type in any breed of dog in your browser, for example;'” Labrador retriever rescue organizations”

    With out me researching this first, there will probably be between 500,000. and 1.5 million lab rescues out there.

    There’s that many rescue organizations for every single breed of dog there is. Because every breed of dog, does the same things to get them booted out of their home.

    On the subject of the wolf thing, did you look at the pictures.
    When I give behavior seminars to various wolf groups, it amazes me when they say you can’t have a wolf with a cat or any size dog, for that matter. Cause they’ll kill them.

  4. Goodness . . . I’ve read several of your posts . . . and its unfortunate that you’re taking your stance, as a rescue organization and telling people breed doesn’t matter . . . they’re all the same, etc . . . buy in regards to size, not breed.

    I think you’re wrong.

    I’ve had/have many dogs, different breeds, sizes, etc. And I truly believe that different breeds do carry common characteristics within their breeding . . . whether those strengths made them stand out for what they were bred for . . . or we bred them to be a certain way for the things that they performed . . . they differ.

    I really disagree with for choosing regarding the size of the dog vs the breed of the dog.

    I would absolutely not recommend my 20 lb Jack Russell over my 75 lb Lab for a household with kids. The Jack is territorial and hyper . . . the Lab, not so much . . . the Lab is also more patient with tots. Size should be part of the equation, but not the answer. Do your research . . . figure out what will work best for your situation . . . breeds do differ . . . though they are all dogs. If you choose to rescue, which I have, be prepared for the particular circumstances that particular dog will bring with him (per case basis).

    I won’t even get started on my thoughts regarding your post about dogs and wolves being the same. Good grief!!

    ( Administrators Note ) The commenter failed to mention that they had to get rid of a Rottweiler they had. And that would be a big dog, not a little dog! I believe that was the point I was trying to make on my article. God forbid, in a worst case scenario a child has a much better chance of fighting off a small breed dog as apposed to a large breed.

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