Learn how to read your dogs body language

The eye’s have it. If you have glanced at a couple of my post’s. You can see that’s it’s pretty clear my general disappointment in the dog training community in regards to the understanding, the dogs mind. I’m reminded of this because I just got of the phone with a reasonably popular New York City, animal behaviorist. Who wanted to know if there was an easier way to explain, how to read a dogs body language to their clients.

From time to time I will get calls from dog trainers, behaviorists and vets asking advice about some kind of animal thing. They call because they know, I’m more than willing to help them and because I will never reveal who they are.

Reading your dogs body language.

The simplest and most effective way for you to read your dogs body language, has nothing to do with his body. It has everything to do with his eye’s. Look at his eye’s. Let me ask you something, can you tell if a friend or loved one is happy, mad, sad or scared by looking at their eye’s and facial expression. Of course you can. It’s the same thing with your dog. This is real easy stuff, I want you to forget about everything you have ever read about, ear position, tail position, this position that position. And focus on your dogs eye’s. It really is this simple.

If you need more info, leave me a comment.

You have yourself a great day, The Spirit Dog


3 Responses

  1. We have just bought a Lab 5 months old but is neavous & her eyes are sad. How do we bring her on to be bright & happy?

  2. Your Very Welcome

    How about a game of Nine Ball ?

  3. thanks
    that article helped alot

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