If your buying a new dog

If your buying a new dog. I really want you to read and please pay attention to the advice and information I have given you, in some earlier posts. It is very important that you understand and learn for yourself. That there are no differences what so ever, between the different breeds of dogs. The only difference is in the way they look.

They all think the same.

When you start having some issues with your dog, and your gonna. Because they all have issues, just like we all have issues. Would you rather have those issues, with a big dog or a little dog.

So what I really hope you do is think long and hard, about your decision to buy a puppy. The puppy you buy is only going to stay small another, seven to nine weeks. Before he starts getting big in a hurry.

Thank You


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  1. In a perfect world, there would be no rescue organizations, and no animal sanctuaries. Each and every dog, would live a long and happy life with only one family.

    Unfortunately it’s not a perfect world. And because a significant portion of people, do there homework into breed behaviors. Before choosing a dog.

    When their dog, starts doing what all dogs are capable of doing. They freak out, because all the information that they researched, said this breed of dog wont do that.
    Then we will have another dead dog.

    And it doesn’t matter if they got the puppy from,” A top breeder”, pet store or from Bob down the road.

    You don’t see it to often, because those dogs have been weeded out at earlier competitions. But every once in a while on one of the bigger known breed shows, a dog will snap at one of the judges.

    Folks that like competing in these events, will usually sell the less desirable dogs, as pet quality.
    So we never get to see the screw ups. Then we think, that they only breed perfect dogs.
    Ah yes; the perfect world.

  2. I don’t believe dog breeds are all the same. I’ve had many different breeds of dogs . . . including a few mutts . . . and it is amazing, sometimes, the learning ability, the patience (vs temper), etc . . . that ranged between the different types of dogs. Different breeds were bred and used for different reasons because of their strengths (and weaknesses). I don’t think my Rott would or could do stuff my Jack Russell does. . . same goes for my Mastiff and Lab . . . they all very different. Prey instinct is very very different. I didn’t teach my dogs to kill anything . . . but my Mastiff will kill any small wild animal . . . if he’s quick enough to get it . . . not the lab . . . couldn’t pay him enough in dog biscuits to get him to kill anything. Same goes for the protective instincts, etc. They are, absolutely, NOT all the same. Too bad thats what you’re telling people.

    Now, I do agree that you shouldn’t get hung up on the differences because they are relatively shallow and underneath it all they are still animals, not humans. Don’t get an animal if you don’t want one! I worked in a Humane Society and know that people buy on rumor, regarding breeds, and then they ended up bringing them to us when they couldn’t handle it.

    But if you’ve got a family, or another set circumstance, in life . . . you should not be discouraged to look into the qualities and “normal” characteristics for particular dog breeds. Then go forth and buy responsibly . . . check the breeder out thoroughly . . . if rescueing, make sure the dog is a fit . . . be willing to take on the challenges if thats the decision made.

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