Anti-Freeze Poisoning

Anti freeze poisoning is treatable, if you catch it early.

A symptom of anti freeze poisoning,  your dog he will appear drunk after initially ingesting anti freeze. That’s how our dog acted, which I was told by our veterinarian, was a good indication of anti freeze poisoning. In this drunken stage is your best opportunity to save your dogs life. After your dog comes out of the drunken stage, you will not have any idea that he drank it. If you think your dog may have gotten into some anti freeze, take him to your vet immediately to test him or begin treatment.

Let me tell you a happy ending story about anti-freeze poisoning. When we moved Spirit Animal Sanctuary, three hundred some odd miles north west of Long Island, to Boonville, NY. We purchased three used mobile homes for use as our dogs, dog houses. I’m always like a nervous mom with our animals safety. So I check everything, for potential trouble.

One of the many things I checked before we started moving the animals into the mobile homes, was the toilets. Now, all the toilets where empty except for one of them that had what looked like rusty water in it. So I poured a big bucket of water into the toilet, to flush it down. Checked a couple more things, then opened the door and the dogs all started coming in for the night.

Remember, I said I’m like a nervous mom. So I woke up at about two, two thirty in the morning to go check on our guys. Every body was fine except for Woof Woof, at the time he was about an eight or nine year old male German Shepherd. Anyway, he tries to come out to greet me but he keeps wobbling and falling down, like he’s drunk or something.

I’ve treated dogs for heat exhaustion before, and that’s what this looked like. So I picked him up, and walked into one of the ponds that we have here, and laid him down in the water. Now this is the middle of September in northern, NY. The night time temperatures are in the low fifties. So, even know it looked like a heat stroke I still wasn’t sure. But I was real sure it wasn’t heat stroke when he didn’t come around quickly.

Well, off to the vets we go. Our veterinary office is also an 24 / 7 on call emergency service. As soon as the vet saw Woof Woof stumbling around, she said anti freeze poisoning.

To make a long story short, Woof was there four or five days during treatment and he’s good as new. It was explained to me, that this is a pretty common thing in colder climates. People put this special kind of anti freeze in their sinks and toilets when they leave their summer camps or mobile homes for the winter. This anti freeze is brown in color, not the lime green stuff that I’m used to.

By the way, it was the water tank behind the toilet that had the anti freeze in it. And it was slowly leaking back into the toilet.

That was a happy ending.

I will talk about the treatment that was used on Woof Woof in the near future. But I want you know this right now. The window of opportunity to save a dog from anti freeze poisoning can only be successful while he is still in that drunk stage. Because after that drunk stage, you will not know anything is wrong, until it’s to late.

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New York Times, Story mentions a new drug used to treat anti freeze poisoning and the old method. Funny thing is, the drug their talking about was the treatment Woofie received four years ago. The article says the old treatment method, was to administer a large quantity if alcohol, which offset the poisoning effect. What the article failed to mention was, Vodka is the alcohol that was used.

The use of Vodka to treat antifreeze poisoning is still a viable alternative to the more expensive drugs. But it MUST be administered intravenously to be effective, making your dog drink alcohol will NOT help.

The Spirit Dog

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