Rabies, Distemper and Parvo

Although a Rabies vaccine is required for your dog in most if not all states. The vaccine that your dog really needs, is the multiple combo vaccine, that includes parvo and distemper in it.

Young dogs, puppies, older dogs and dogs with a compromised immune system. Are much more likely to, contract those two potentially fatal diseases, than they are with rabies.

So even know the rabies vaccine is required, it’s the combo vaccine that you must make sure, your dog receives.

The Spirit Dog


3 Responses

  1. Hello Jill

    Hope your animals are fine, and say hello to Brad & Nick .

  2. My dog has been acting very aggressive the past couple weeks and my cat is also acting strange. I hope they haven’t contracted rabies. I’m going to have to take them both to the vet.

  3. Because the age at which individual puppies can respond to parvovirus vaccination varies, all puppies should be vaccinated beginning at age 8 weeks, if not sooner. There should be a series of five vaccinations given at 2-4 week intervals as the puppy ages. While there are many different brands available, most are within a single vaccine such as your 7-in one; 8-in one. Prices can range anywhere from $2 per vaccine to $15 per vaccine. (7-in one & 8-in one means there are a series of 8 various vaccinations combined into one shot.)

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