How to Keep Your Dog Safe; Outside Dog Kennels

I’ve been meaning to talk about this subject for a little while now. The first thing I’m gonna talk about for all you dog lovers out there, is outside dog kennels or dog runs. So whether you already have an outside dog kennel or you are thinking about buying a dog kennel. You really need to know this.

There are a lot of different outside kennels you can get. The outside kennels you do not want to buy are, any of the dog kennels that are sold at the two big home improvement stores. Or any outside dog kennel, that is sold in a box.

There is a real simple way for you to tell a decent quality dog kennel, from the kennels that are a piece of sh*t. Look at the corners of the kennel panels. Whats a kennel panel, you may ask ? Your outside kennels are usually four kennel panels, with one of the panels having a gate in it. Think of a kennel as being your bedroom. Your bedroom has four walls, with one of your walls having a door in it. A dog kennel is the same thing. It has four walls, with one wall having a door in it. The only difference is, the dog kennel walls are made of chain link fencing.

And what holds the chain link fencing, is called the frame. The frame is made out of galvanized steel pipe.

So what you want to look at, is the corners of the kennel panel frames. The cheap kennels have rounded corners. The good kennels have square corners. **(picture of the two different types coming soon)**

The cheap outdoor dog kennels have cheap fabric, That’s what the fence manufacturer’s call the chain link material. And its not tied well to the frame of the kennel. Your dog can easily escape from these types of cheap kennels. To find good kennels do an online search, or you can start with the following two places.

If you have a TSC, (Tractor supply company), , near you they have some good outdoor kennels.

Or just type in dog kennels in your browser.

A local fence contractor can also build you a good outside dog kennel. If you do go this route, please leave me a reply, so I can tell you, what you should make sure they do.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Spirit Dog

Quality dog pens or kennels, always have square corners, the inferior or cheap kennels, have round corners.

Hiring a dog trainer, what they must be able to do for you.

Dog Training, Finding the Perfect Dog Trainer


8 Responses

  1. Really helpful post with great advices!

  2. Make sure you don’t but cheap dog kennel’s. They can hurt your dog.

  3. Hi Shelby

    If you read my first response to Melissa, ( on this post ) that might help you out a little. What kind or kennel is it, does it have four panels or walls. Or is it one or those kennels that you bolt all the pipes together and then stretch the fencing all the way around it ?

    If my comment on Melissa’s post doesn’t help you, get back in touch with me and I’ll try to help you out.

  4. I’ve had a kennel now for 3 years, and we just can’t keep one of our dogs in it because he had trained himself to be strong and bent the wires around the bottom to where he can fit out of them. And i was wondering if you had any idea how to fix them? Thanks.

  5. Hi Melissa, your welcome

    Well what kind of predators are we talking about ? She’s a baby, technically unless she has all of her shots you should limit her outside exposure to just bathroom breaks and some playing. The biggest thing you have to worry about is parvo and distemper, so make sure she has her vaccines.

    Typically at around four months of age, that years vaccines should be done, than it will be safe for her to spend extended periods of time outside. You still have to be somewhat careful of predators.

    As always, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask .

    Have a great day.

  6. Yes, that makes complete sense. Thank you. The tie-out is a good suggestions as well. We live on 18 acres with no fences. My puppy is a 10 week Lab/Portuguese Water Dog. At what age would you suggest putting her on a tie-out and for how long at a time? We would not leave her on it at night because of predators.

    Thanks again!

  7. Hi Melissa, Great question. The amount of square feet for the two types of kennels are generally the same, you can always buy individual 6×6 or 6×10 panels, to make the kennels larger.

    To your question, sure you can get the cheaper kennels, as long as you doctor them up a little bit. If your going to buy the kennels at Home Depot ( they have the 6×6 kennels) or Lowe’s ( they have the 6×10) . Go to the concrete area and get a roll of re-bar wire. That’s the stuff they use to tie re-bar together before pouring concrete.

    Cut a couple pieces of the wire about three feet long , and what your gonna do is your going to weave the chain link to the round pipes or frame using the re-bar wire. Its like your going to stitch or crochet the two together.

    You have to do the bottom and sides, of every panel ( the top is not necessary unless you feel like doing it. ).

    This is what I do when people donate their not so good panels to use. It’ll take me a little while to try and figure out, how to better explain the weaving to you.
    If you have a hard time figuring out what I mean, get back to me and I’ll take some pictures, showing you how I did it.

    Does that make any sense ?

    If you are real careful, you could probably just buy one of those tie out lines, there less expensive than buying a kennel. There not as safe, if you don’t have a fenced yard you would have to worry about other dogs or kids messing with your dog.

    Well, if you need additional help, let me know.


  8. I appreciate all of the advice on your site, but what do you do if you don’t have $600 to spend on a square corner kennel. Would it be better to sacrafice square feet and buy a smaller, well-built kennel? Thank you

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