Housebreaking All Puppys

These simple rules in housebreaking your puppy will save you a lot of stress. Since we have already established that puppies will go to the bathroom where they sleep. Remember in the wild, puppies go to the bathroom where they sleep. The only difference between them and our puppies is, as soon as those puppies poop their mommy eats it. And when they pee, it just soaks into the ground. So it always stays clean for them.  [  Crate Training Housebreaking Myth ]

So essentially the wild puppies have a ( 24/7 ) maid. And even though, we would love to be able to do what the mommy dog does. There’s a couple things that get in the way of us doing that. You know the every day stuff that we do; work, school, the kids, cleaning the house, going shopping, yard work. And the zillion other things we have to do every day.

This will make your puppy housebreaking and your life, just a little bit easier.

A lot of space for your puppy is good. A little space is bad. [   Housebreaking puppy training, The new logical approach ]

When you take him outside, he’s going to be very excited, make him a little more excited by playing with him for a couple of minutes. Then stop playing with and leave him alone, not alone, alone just stop playing with him or paying attention to him. For a puppy to go to the bathroom outside, he has to start getting bored.

The more you talk to him, the more you are distracting him the less likely it is for him to go to the bathroom. So, we get him excited when he first goes out, then we stop paying attention to him.

And remember all puppies are different. You can take outside ten puppies from the same litter, and someof the puppies may go to the bathroom pretty quickly outside. Some of the puppies might take longer to finally go to the bathroom. And some of the puppies may stay excited the whole time they are outside, until you finally get fed up with waiting. And It’s when you take the puppies back inside that they get bored, and finally go to the bathroom. In your house.

If you have a puppy that stays excited a long time, after about five minutes. Put him on a leash ,if he isn’t already on one, And stand still. Remember, as long as he is interested in all the new things in his world. He’s gonna forget that he has to go to the bathroom. And you just know!! That when you take him back in the house, and there’s no more exciting things he’s gonna go.

The spirit Dog

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