What Breed of dog, is right for you.

This is a real simple way. For you to figure out what breed of dog, you would be most comfortable with. It really is this simple, if you are a little nervous around dogs of a certain size. This is a real good indication that at some point, you will start to get nervous around your dog.

So if you buy a puppy that when he grows up, he will be a similar size to the dogs that make you nervous. You can save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety, by making sure you do not pick out a dog that will grow to that size.

Every body loves, and nobodies afraid of puppies. The problem is unless you picked out a small breed dog. In about 16 weeks that cute adorable little puppy, is going to start looking like a dog.

At that point your really still not afraid of him, right now he’s more of a pain in the ass then anything else. Then within the next three or four months, now we’re starting to get a little worried. And it just keeps getting worse as he closes in on eighteen months old.

We have been pretty much afraid of him the last couple months, and this will continue in the next two or three months. Until finally we start thinking of getting rid of him.

Eighteen months to two years old is when the vast majority of people will get rid of their dog. And let me tell you right now, This is, whats going to happen if you are not at total ease with other peoples dogs.

By being completely honest with yourself, you can save yourself a lot of grief. And keep another dog from getting killed. Unfortunately if he goes into an animal shelter he’s not coming out alive.

So Please, Please Please be honest with yourself.

Thank You ; The Spirit Dog


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