Housebreaking your puppy ; “more stuff”

You just brought home your new puppy.That cute adorable little dog, you could just eat up with a spoon. But be careful, this honeymoon can be very short lived , if you follow the wrong advice.

Unless you have the luxury of staying home all day and are willing to take your little guy out every two or three hours, your in for a boatload of stress. Where talking about Titanic proportions.

Being a good puppy parent, I’m sure you bought a couple of books on dog training. I’ll tell you right now, if any of those books tells you that the crate simulates the puppies den. And because his natural instinct tells him not to soil where he sleeps. He should be able to hold it, until you come home. Take that book and throw it in your fireplace, run it through your paper shredder or tear it up and use it to line your puppies crate. Unfortunately that’s the only thing it is good for.

Your puppy is a baby. He’s going to relieve himself every two or three hours. Regardless of whether you have him in a crate or not. So, what are you going to do about it ? Well, how much space do you have in your home, to temporally devote to this.

I mentioned this in one of the earlier post’s. But this is so important I’m going to mention it again. Give your puppy plenty of space. He’s gonna go to the bathroom, when your not there. And you do not want him laying in his own pee or poop until you get home and let him out.

As long as your puppy has enough space to be able to relieve himself, away from where he likes to lay down. You will be just fine. Making the transition ,to teaching him to go outside is a simple process. As long as we didn’t screw it up by using a crate that was to small.

I’ll have much more info for you, on how to housebreak your puppy. Because this is one of the most important jobs you will have, when you raise a puppy. What are the other important jobs ??? You will find that out also.

You have your self a wonderful day, and Thank You The Spirit Dog


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