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Barking dogs news, books in the sixty’s

Did I ever tell you. That over the years I have collected two hundred some-odd books on dog training. Dating back to the early 1800’s. I’ve been meaning to blow the dust off of, some of them. So maybe you could get a good chuckle out of the info, that they have.

Well here we go. This particular book is short, only about fifty or so pages written in the sixty’s. The first tidbit of information that the author has for us, deals with barking dogs.

It starts off by saying, “Barking is a nuisance for the pet owner and is the scourge of the community”. Then they go on to say, “When your dog is excited or playing, barking is normal. But if he barks all the time, that’s just laziness on the owners part”. Now come on, that’s pretty dam funny, and how about that “scourge” thing.

Then they go on, “If he’s barking take hold of his collar, and tell him “Quiet !”. If necessary hold his mouth closed until he’s shuts-up”. Yea, that’s a real good way to get bit.

It’s clear by this next part, that the dog didn’t live in their house. ( This is important, because they have a section on housebreaking). Anyway they say,” It may be a great nuisance, but if your dog barks without any reason. You have to go out a couple times in the middle of the night, to his dog run and put the lesson across”. There was also some mention , of a rolled-up newspaper and a bucket of water. I’ll let you use your imagination on those two things.

They finish by saying, ” He must be disciplined every time, until he knows the meaning of quiet.

Fortunately these less than friendly methods of dog training, basically stopped being written about in the early 70’S. Then they started coming out with the more gentler, and equally ineffective training books.

In the future, I’ll find some more funny stuff for you. And I will show you comparisons, between dog training book’s, a hundred years ago. And today’s teachings.

You have a wonderful day, The Spirit Dog


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