Should My Dog Eat Raw Meat and Grass

Meat and Grass are good

I bring this up, because I have had some very disturbing conversations with animal professionals. Regarding whether or not dogs can safely eat raw meat. What I find particularly alarming is, these well meaning folks are veterinarians. Schooled, years of college and yet they let their personal beliefs and conclusions dictate the advice they give to the pet owners. Their clients.

They will argue that through years of evolution the domesticated dog no longer has the same digestive enzymes, as their wild cousin’s, wolves. At face value that may seem like a valid argument. But it really doesn’t hold water.

I could probably use the help of some biologists on this one. Evolution is an amazing thing. Very tiny life forms, microbes can evolve relatively quickly. Larger life forms can take millions of years or longer to change. Some never change, like sharks and alligators.

The point is; it was about the 1940’s, when animal feed manufacturers started experimenting. To try and find the correct mix of ingredient’s that would produce a nutritionally balanced dog food. Not because the animals had changed evolutionary wise. Simply because it was good business making it more convenient to feed your pet.

When we moved Spirit Animal Sanctuary to the country. there was a side benefit for our animals. That I never even thought about. Raw meat. It took me awhile to get used to this. Every year during hunting season, (No: I do not hunt). The butchers and meat processors in our area donate thousands of pounds of venison to us. And let me tell you, if you give a dog a choice between raw meat or dry dog food. Guess which one is not getting eaten. That’s right, the manufactured feed.

It’s a very nice supplement for them. They can eat anything, and they will digest it. It is important that you know your dogs. Roughly three percent of dogs, will try and swallow giant chunks. It’s your job to know that, and make sure they only get small pieces.

What you really shouldn’t feed them is cooked bones. Cooked bones become brittle and they can splinter. That can cause your dog some trouble.

Another very important part of their diet is grass. Unless you have lawn people come over, and apply a ton of chemicals to your lawn. Let them eat it. Dogs are telling us that they like it, want it and need it. Yet we tell them no. Listen to your dog a little bit better. They are always telling us stuff. We have to learn how to listen to them. Why do we always think, we know better.

In the future I will talk about, why some dogs have a cast iron stomach. And some dogs get sick, if they try something new.

You have yourself a great day, The Spirit Dog

© 2008 a.s.papszycki


3 Responses

  1. Hi Brewster

    Gosh I don’t think I’ve met a dog quite as big as you!! You’re very handsome indeed and lucky to have a big happy family to play with. Your spirit guy sounds great.

    Yes I’m a country dawg… and I like rolling in good smells too! When we go through fields of cows then there are always lots of fresh cowpats.. and on the bridleways sometimes I’m really lucky and find a yummy warm horse poo.

    Mum doesn’t mind farmy smells but she and daddy pull faces when I have windypops in the car!!

    Wags from Teagan x

    PS I’ll try to cut down a bit on my snacks between meals!

  2. Are you a country dawg Teegie ?

    To much is probably not that good for you, maybe you’ll figure that out for yourself.

    A couple times a year the farmers around us will spread on our fields ( If your a country dog, you know what that means). We like eating it too, and really like rolling in it.
    Funny thing is that spirit guy the one that takes care of us, he really likes that smell also, and he likes the smell of hogs. That’s not to strange, if your a dog.


    P.S. I’m glad your mums lets you eat grass, a lot of mums and dads freak out when some of us eat it.

  3. I’m only young so I still get puppy food but I was just wondering whether it’s the same if I eat grass (which I do sometimes) or if I eat pre-digested grass in the form of fresh cowpats or horse poo?? I can’t get enough of it… but mummy tells me I shouldn’t eat lots of it. (And won’t give me kisses until I’ve rinsed my mouth out!) Is she wrong to stop me eating as much as I want?
    Teagan x

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