Puppy housebreaking “How long does it take”

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

So, you wanna know how long it takes to housebreak a puppy. Like CC Music Factory sang, “are you ready, are you ready for this”.

To reliably Housebreak your puppy, and what I mean by reliably is; you can leave your house for 8, 9, 10 hours with out your little guy having an accident. Is, drum roll please……

***18 months old***, Give or take a couple months.

This is a baby. Muscles have to develop. Routines have to be established. But the big thing is the muscles. I have helped out thousands of folks. And when someone is kind enough, to invite me into their home, to help them figure out why they are not succeeding with training their dog.

I take this very seriously. Because I know how frustrated, upset and just plain crazy. You can get, when you run into these little bumps on your puppy training road. And, I’m thinking about the life of that dog.

When I’m in someones home, I ask a lot of questions. Essentially I’m always taking surveys, so it makes it that much easier to help the next person out. After asking thousands of moms, “How long did it take to potty train your baby”. The length of time it usually takes to potty train is, “two and a half”, to “three and a half”, years old. For most kids. Some a little sooner. Some a little later.

I’ve heard dog trainers, tell people that in as little as two weeks you can housebreak your puppy. Yea, that’s just not gonna happen.

So, when you follow the standard advice, that’s been taught for a long, long time. With out any, real good success. Please do not think, something is wrong with your puppy. Or that you have defective merchandise. The only thing that is defective here, is the information you where given.

Please relax, and enjoy your puppy. Some things take a little time.

The Spirit Dog

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Information update, September, 22, 2008

Adult dogs will have varing degrees of bladder control, just like us. Some will be able to easily ‘hold’ it all day long ( 14-18 Hours), while others may have a hard time ‘holding’ it for ( 8-10 hours). Both time frames are normal for dogs.


6 Responses

  1. Your welcome, James.

  2. Thanks. Gives me peace of mind – so many articles claiming it can be done in just a couple weeks. Only had our little guy for a week, but given the potty training rate some of these articles claim, I thought I was doing everything wrong because we’ve had no success yet. Thanks again.

  3. You’re Welcome Liz.

    If you need any help or advice housebreaking your little or big guy, let me know.

  4. thank you…i was thinking i was doing something wrong. It was nice to know, that it just take time.

  5. You Welcome, Lori.

  6. Excellent article. Thank you for clarifying that house breaking will not happen in such a short period of time, but rather that type of info. is the problem.

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