Puppy Housebreaking Behavior

Instead of me continuing to tell you whats wrong with the current teachings on canine behavior. Let me tell you some stuff about housebreaking your new puppy.

Using a crate or dog kennel can help you tremendously with housebreaking or it can be the single biggest detriment you will run up against, in your quest to successfully housebreak your little guy. The inherited behavior of your puppy, ( you know, the stuff that’s already in their little head when their born).

That usually starts kicking in at about three weeks of age. That is when the puppies are really starting to get active, by playing with each other and roaming around. Once they start wondering about, is when they will start going to the bathroom away from where they sleep, eat and generally hang out.

We do not teach them this stuff, they already know it.

If we don’t teach them this, so then whats our job, you may ask. You may. You may. Our job is to give them the opportunity, to relieve themselves away from their area when they have to go. The place where they eat, sleep and spend a good chunk of their time. Well, that’s their area.

“Yea, but if I have to work all day, hows he going to go to the bathroom away from his area”. Aah, now your getting it.

Your puppy is just like a baby. Imagine what your house would look like or your child’s crib, if your baby didn’t wear diapers. You would have the three ( P’s ) all over. Pee, Poop and Pu-kee, or spit-up.


I want you to forget, everything you’ve ever read or been told about housebreaking a puppy.

The absolutely worst thing you could do, is put your puppy in a small crate or use a crate divider in a larger crate. * A crate divider is just what it sounds like, it divides the crate making the puppies area smaller.* What you need is a larger area. Use a big crate and line the whole inside with newspapers. Or if you have the space in your home, buy a puppy pen and do the same thing with the papers.

Why is this important. The last thing you want to have happen, is for your puppy to go to the bathroom in his crate. and be forced to lay in it, because he’s stuck there and has nowhere else to go.

We do depend on his inherited behavior, to avoid going to the bathroom where he sleeps. But, because hes a baby. He can only hold it a very short time. If we don’t give him more room, where just gonna screw up the whole denning thing. That would be very bad.

So do yourself and your puppy a favor. Give him some more space.

You have a great day, The Spirit Dog

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